Munay-Ki – The 9 Rites of the Inca Medicine Way

I first took these rites in February of 2007 and since then my life has literally turned around. The rites, gifted from the shamans of the Amazon and of the Peruvian mountains are wondrous seeds planted in our chakras and grown with our love. They gift us with self healing and the ability to live from the heart. They help us to become “homo luminous”, angels living in human bodies, and they anchor us into the world to come. They teach us we can dream our future, for ourselves and our planet. They teach us to live impeccably, with integrity, with the gifts of a clear mind (practice of non judgment); joy, (practice of non suffering); beauty, peace, (practice of fearlessness); confidence, (practice of certainty); unconditional love (practice of non engagement); and many more practices of a light working soul.

  The first four rites are for self healing and include the Healer’s Rite that awakens the healing within your own body; the Bands of Power, five bands that give us protection from negative energy that may come at us while turning that energy back into healing energy; the Harmony Rites that plant seven archetypes within our chakras (serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, eagle, Huascar Inca, Quetzalcoatl and Pachakuti Inca) and help get rid of our psychic sludge as we learn to acquire a rainbow body with all our chakras glowing with their original light; and the Seer’s Rite that runs energetic lines connecting the third eye and our heart with the visual cortex, opening up our ability to see that which is beyond the naked eye.

  The last five rites are for stewardship of the earth. They include the Daykeeper’s Rite, which begins the process of healing your inner feminine and step beyond fear; the Wisdomkeeper’s Rite, the masculine balance which teaches us to step outside of time and taste infinity; the Earthkeeper’s Rite which connect us to the lineage of Arch Angels and teaches us to dream the world into being; the Starkeeper’s Rite that anchors us safely into the time to come beyond 2012 as our physical body changes into that  of “homo luminous” (angel in a human body) and lastly, the Creator’s Rite that awakens our God/Buddha consciousness as we acquire stewardship for the earth on all levels.

  These Rites are transmitted into the chakras on an energetic level and are fed by awareness and desire to heal oneself. With a little attention, your life is transformed as you grow to live as we were meant to, a person of integrity, living from the heart. These rites are the next step in Evolution as they feed the Luminous Energy Field with the software that instructs the hardware (DNA) of the body to manufacture proteins that create our body. They allow us to grow a new body that ages, heals and dies differently.

  Munay-Ki means “I love you” or “Be as Thou Art” translated from the Quechua language of the Q’ero, the lineage of Earthkeepers who travelled from the Hindus Valley, crossed the Bering Straight from Siberia and settled deep in the Amazon and high in the Peruvian mountains some 30,000 years ago, knowing their wisdom rites would survive and be called upon by the Westerners when the time was right. The time is right now! The first seven rites have always been available and the last two rites were gifted later with the ninth rite being gifted to Westerners in 2006.

  The Laika, or Earthkeepers, are ordinary men and women who live extraordinary lives. The transmission and growth of these rites within us, allow us to be extraordinary too, as we learn to live in Grace.

  Before taking these rites, I was working at a job I was unhappy with and was looking at five more years of the same thing. Something wonderful grew within me as the rites settled in and I fearlessly stepped out of that job and into one that allowed me to pursue my passion of energy healing on all levels. I travelled to Glastonbury where I studied more and spent time in the center of Stonehenge, in the ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey and also in Avebury. I have been to the Rockies in Colorado where I spent another six days studying the Munay-Ki with western shamans and two of the Q’ero. These were trips that a few years ago I would never have imagined actually taking and now I am dreaming of more travel. Creating my own future is a wonderful tool of the soul.

  Munay-Ki is indeed a helping hand into the new world consciousness that is heralding the dream of a new world, one that is lived from the heart.

Kate Deakin lives in Port Alberni, BC and continues to expand her growing love of energy work.