My Dream Home

I woke up in my dream home this morning. Each day it just keeps getting better, this place where I live.

I have grown through three dozen residences in the last thirty years since I showed up on the west coast of Canada. At twenty-one, I journeyed across from Ontario, by train and thumb, coincidentally in the same year my current home was being built! After many years of adventure, I have been delivered to this dream home on Vancouver Island where many acres of forest, trails and open meadows, with natural borders of ridge and river are home also to many animals, both wild (cougar, bear, deer, rabbits, owls) and domesticated (cows, horses, cats, dogs, chickens) who are tended by my landlords.

A few homes ago, I stood overlooking the ferry line-up for the little gulf island where I was living at the time. While I had loved calling that island ‘home’ for seven years, I felt I was beginning to ‘lift off’. I realized that the only reason to get in line for the ferry crossing was because of my cats and belongings over there in the rustic cabin by the lake that had once been my dream home.

What is a dream home? Is it the ultimate destination of a place in time and space where one has always dreamed of living? Can you have more than one? What happens when one moves out of a dream home? Whether by choice or circumstance, what happens then? Is it like finding out what is on the other side of ‘living happily ever after’?

I have been reflecting on this concept recently due to the example of three women.

On her last evening before moving from the home with a stunning view of the ocean and coastal mountains where she and her husband had lived for years, my new friend mused on the imminent shift, ‘I’m moving out of my dream home.’ She thought they would live there forever.

On the eve of her next adventure (horse trekking in Mongolia, a treat for her amidst ongoing contracts around the world as nurse and cook), my long time friend had recently sold her land, dissolving dreams of both home and partnership. She put essential belongings in storage, and distributed special items among homes of her friends. As she fine-tuned her travel pack, she commented with a smile ‘I feel at home wherever I am’.

The third woman, an author and speaker based in Sarasota, Florida, continues, at 81, to explore the world, sharing her experiences with audiences at home base. ‘I live simply; I travel frugally’, she writes. We met in person here on the west coast last month, prior to her navigation of Canada by train!

Many of us are familiar with: ‘Wherever you go, there you are’. This can be a challenge to accept when one attempts to ‘run away from home’, and a comfort when one’s inner anchor is recognized.

While I continue to manifest visions, I realize that all of these homes are temporary while I tour in my life on this planet. My true dream home exists beyond limitation of location, beyond the collection of material possessions gathered around me.

This morning I woke up with the sun shining in on my face, and shining further in, to this inner place of heart and spirit where I truly live. I am in love with my life, wherever I am, grateful for all the years so far, and for being blessed to live ‘here’, in my ‘dream home’.

Lynn Thompson is Host and Producer of the ‘Living on Purpose’ radio show, heard on CHLY 101.7fm on Fridays 11am – noon. Since 2004, Lynn offers ‘a thoughtful nourishing blend of ideas, conversation and music, in a spirit of health and well-being’. She lives on Vancouver Island.