My Journey to Self Sufficiency

There has been a lot of talk about being green and eco-friendly theses days. This kind of talk is very attractive to me, I like the idea of relying less on conventional means of procuring goods and lessening my impact on the world. Most of the time I can’t do as much as I want. I can’t ride my bike very often because the kids are too heavy, and I can’t always afford to eat organic food as much as I want to. But I want to do my part so I am starting slowly. Obviously I recycle and use cloth bags at the grocery store but I am trying to move beyond that. 

I started by making my own salt, I went down the beach filled up a giant jug of water and boiled it down until I got enough salt to use. I haven’t bought salt since. 

I also have been working on my garden to try and produce as much food as I can. This is not easy because I live on top of a gravel pit in the shade of a mountain, with very little yard space. But I’m doing okay at it. This year I am trying to plant wheat, and make my own flour. We will see how it goes, I might work for months for a table spoon of wheat. But I will still feel like I accomplished something. 

  This year I also made my own maple syrup. Which was really quite the adventure. The maple trees I had access to were on a steep hillw. So I put the baby in the back pack and carried my three year old up the hill, then walked/slid back down with a jug of sap and the kids, then boiled it down too. That syrup was really great. 

I’m hoping to be off the grid one day, that day is a pretty long way off, but I will slowly work towards it bit by bit. 


Angie Thomson is a mother of two, working towards self sufficiency.