Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative

From the Carshare website:

The Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative is a non-profit community cooperative carsharing organization incorporated in November 2010 to serve the Nanaimo region of central Vancouver Island.

Individuals and employers join the Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative. These members reserve time on the Co-op’s shared vehicles through a Co-op managed online and telephone vehicle reservations system.

Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative takes care of everything related to owning the vehicles. We’ll manage and pay for fuel, insurance, maintenance and cleaning. Members receive invoices with modest monthly administration fees, and usage fees assessed by the hour and kilometre. If you don’t drive a car at all in a month, you pay $0.

What are the benefits of carsharing?

Carsharing reduces vehicle ownership expenses. It’s great for people who need a car once in a while, but don’t need the hassles associated with car ownership. People who share cars often drive less, so carsharing reduces traffic, air, and noise pollution. Carsharers are motivated to use public transportation, to cycle, and to walk, resulting in lower social costs for health and welfare. If you like saving money, enjoy using a variety of transportation methods, or are concerned about our environment, carsharing could be for you!

Are there other carshare co-ops?

Yes, there are many carsharing organizations, and new ones are being formed. The idea started in Europe in the 1960s, where there are now over 50,000 members of carsharing organizations. The first carsharing organization in North America was Communauto in Montreal, started in 1994, now with approximately 20,000 members. Modo – the car co-op (formerly CAN Co-operative Auto Network) in Vancouver is the largest English-language carsharing organization in Canada. On Vancouver Island, the Victoria CarShare, founded in 1996, now shares 20 cars with 450 members. The CarSharing Association (CSA) is an international association for carsharing organizations founded recently.

What does it cost to join?

Membership in the Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative is by refundable member share purchase. Please visit our website.

How much will I save by joining?

It depends on how much you drive. Driving is, by nature, expensive. According to the Canadian Automobile Association’s 2010 Driving Costs study, the annual cost of car ownership is $5,000 to $12,000 per year. The average carshare member spends $1,000 to $3,000 per year. You can use the Car Ownership Calculator from the Modo website ( to estimate what your car costs you per year. If your car costs $500 per month and you take five trips per month, each trip costs you $100. The Modo website has a useful Trip Cost Calculator where you can compare the cost of renting a car with carsharing with Modo.

What kind of cars does the co-op own?

Our first car is a Daytona Blue 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback 1.8L. Our next vehicle purchase will reflect our members’ needs. Please see the Fleet page.

Who cleans and maintains the cars?

Volunteers take care of vehicle maintenance, repairs, cleaning, insurance, administration, etc. The monthly administration fees and charges per hour and per kilometre are enough to cover these expenses. As well, all members do their part to look after the cars, and all problems are immediately reported so that they can be fixed promptly. Our fleet has 24/7 BCAA vehicle assist coverage (towing, keys locked inside vehicle, emergency battery boost, flat tire).

For more information on Nanaimo CarShare Cooperative, visit or call 250-667-6210.