Natural Immunity and Artificial Immunity

Inside of you are an astonishing 70,000,000,000,000 cells all living in perfect order and harmony. You are a living community of cells. Wait, there is more. Inside you there are an additional 700,000,000,000,000 viruses and bacteria. Wow! You are not only a living community but you are a living ecosystem!   

  99.9% of bacteria and viruses are good or do no harm, which means that only 0.1% are harmful. Have we ever been focused on a select minority! These good bacteria and viruses do many important things that help to keep us alive; in fact you wouldn’t be here without them. They help to digest our food, they release vitamins and nutrients, they help to digest old diseased tissue (like garburators), and they take up residence so that the really bad ones don’t (like planting a crop to crowd out the weeds).


“Sterility is the property of dead things”.  

~Dr. Norm Detillieux


  One’s immune system has two primary jobs to carry out. The first is to determine who I am and who I am not; a state of the art ecosystem surveillance. The second part of this is to determine whether what is not me is good (or at least will do no harm) or if it is bad. Just imagine the sophistication: this process happens all day long with all of the 700,000,000,000,000 good germs inside you leaving the “good” ones to thrive and focusing on only the small number that truly need to be eliminated. Your immune system has been evolving since the beginning of time; it is encoded in your DNA; it learns and grows each and every time you come into contact with a new germ (via a natural, T-cell dominated response), and is passed down from mother to child through her blood and her milk. How amazing you are!

  Now compare this with a vaccine that has been made in a laboratory, rushed into production due to the seasonal time pressures, not to mention other incentives. A vaccine that contains thimerisol, a mercury compound, which is known to be a cause of Autism, among other things. A vaccine injected directly into your blood stream, bypassing the normal route of entry, causing a sudden and dramatic (B-cell dominated) response, disrupting the natural balance of your immune system. An immune response that doesn’t last in your body (or your future generations’) to meet the virus with life-long immunity … A very different response, indeed!

 “The most important and fundamental question you need to look at in your life is this:  

Do I live in a friendly or a hostile universe. Which is it?”

~Albert Einstein


  Please understand where I’m coming from, this article is not anti-vaccine. I am pro-information, an advocate of self-responsibility and personal choice; even more importantly, pro healthy living. This season, I encourage all of you to bring back into focus the brilliance and intelligence of our own natural, innate immune system. Look at all of the pieces of this H1N1 “pandemic” picture, especially those that can be done naturally and safely.

  As a community, let’s wake up to truth. The truth is that you are the best protection against the H1N1 virus; you have the secret serum inside you! Millions of people will get the virus and will not die.

  Taking proactive steps to build your immune system naturally is always your best course of action, and “it ain’t rocket science” – you really can do this! Eat your fruits and veggies, preferably raw and in season. Exercise, laugh, have some fun and de-stress (getting stressed about a so-called pandemic is one of the least effective things to do). It would be wise to visit natural health providers for immune building support. When it comes down to it, are you going to invest and support the natural wisdom of your body, the wisdom that has been a part of you since the beginning of time; or rely solely on a serum created from a number of ingredients made in a laboratory? 



Dr. Detillieux loves informing people of all ages to make empowered, healthy choices. He supports individual and community health interests through his service as a Chiropractor and public speaker.