Networking News and Speaker Schedule

In January 2004, it became obvious to a small group of newcomers that there was need for a metaphysical network in this area. Christina Knighton, Personal Life Coach (and current Green Party Candidate); Myrtle Innes, a retired professional psychic; William Munns, retired Humanities Professor and Judith Munns, Clinical Hypnotherapist, began creating a speakers list and inviting interested people to events on the first and third Thursdays of each month. The group enjoyed slow and steady growth until January 2007, with up to 45 people attending each event.

However, January marked a turning point. When author Paul Elder was arriving to talk about his near-death experiences, it became obvious that the rapidly swelling group would not fit into our meeting room, so the venue was changed to the Unitarian Fellowship Hall on Townsite Road at Millstone. This comfortable and central venue, with its excellent parking, has resulted in regular attendance of 55 to 95 people each first and third Thursday of the month. The Network’s email list is almost 300, which offers each unpaid speaker a chance to share their area of expertise with a self-screened, open and interested audience. A networking table is available for everyone to share business cards, brochures and other pertinent advertising. A few networking minutes set aside at each meeting, allows everyone who wishes to announce their own classes or events. Refreshments are available.

On September 6th, 2007 the Network’s fourth Fall season begins with a second talk by well-known author Paul Elder, this time on Remote Viewing – which is one of the subjects he teaches at the Monroe Institute in the U.S. [Monroe Institute is famous for Hemi-Synch®, a method of promoting the synchronization of the activity of both hemispheres of the brain, using sound.] Paul’s talk promises to be very popular, so please arrive early in order to reserve your place! Networking time begins at 6:30, and the talk begins at 7pm.

If you would like regular reminders of upcoming Nanaimo Metaphysical Network events, please email with "include me, please” on the subject line. If you are interested in speaking to the Network, please email William at: or Laura at:

The Topic/Speaker Schedule for Fall 2007:

Sept 6th: Remote Viewing with author Paul Elder

Sept 20th: Massage and Reflexology — Julie Romanyshyn and Chiquita Hessels

Oct 4th: UFOs, Extraterrestrials and More — Colin Stevenson

Oct 18th: Overcoming the Law of Resistance — with energy-worker Andera

Nov 1st: Hypnosis as Therapy — David Large, Hypnotherapist

Nov 15th: Crystal Bowls – the Power of Sound/Vibration – Sound Healer Lora Teuschler

Nov 29th: Psychic Supper – a Pot Luck, with a Medium or Psychic at every table! ($5 per person)

Dec 6th: Tarot – Eileen Harakas from Lobelia’s Lair

Dec 20th: The First Christmas, from the Edgar Cayce Readings – William and Judith Munns

For more information about upcoming events and speakers, please feel free to join our email list at:

Nanaimo Metaphysical Network meets at 7 PM on the first and third Thursday of each month

at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall, 595 Townsite (at Millstone)

Attendance is by donation unless otherwise noted.

Everyone Welcome!