No Energy? Signs Our Body Gives Us

No Energy? – A logical, but revolutionary point of view.

What is the main factor influencing our health and well being? Many people seem to think it is normal to be tired and have all kinds of health complaints. They think that as long as they can walk and talk they are doing okay. When people are in their forties and have health issues, they are told that they are just getting older. How is it possible that there are people who are able to chop wood, have sex, and dance when they are over 90?

It is interesting that every alternative health practitioner seems to have a "pet” explanation why our health is in such a bad state – not enough sleep, not enough water, not enough nutrients, not enough bowel movements, not enough exercise, not enough love, too much stress, too many parasites, too much sugar, too many toxins, food additives, herbicides, pesticides, too much sun, too many electromagnetic frequencies. Oh, I forgot the cigarettes and the alcohol…..too much of course. It looks as if the diagnosis is always "too much” or "not enough” of something.

My observations tell me that a lack of nutrients has a very great impact on our health and well-being. Several years ago I read in a comparison between average mass-production produce and organic produce. It found that the organic products had four times as many nutrients, especially the important trace minerals. Most of our food is processed and empty. We can eat a lot and still lack many of the nutrients that we require. At the end of the movie ’Super-Size Me’ the main character is overweight but under-nourished. How many of us are in the same position?

– Why did a woman have no period when she was in a life-raft for months? – I believe her body had to save its resources.

– Why do so many young women have miscarriages? A client told me that half of her friends had a miscarried. – Could it be that their bodies are nutritionally exhausted?

– Why are younger and younger woman having children with Down’s Syndrome and are entering into menopause earlier than their mothers and grandmothers? I believe it is because their bodies are depleted.

– Why are more and more men impotent? Is it because they are so exhausted that their body goes on strike? Yes, it can be caused by emotional stress, but when the brain gets the right nutrients it can handle stressors better.

– Why do we have auto immune diseases? Did God not create us perfectly? So, why is the body attacking itself? Is it in search of some nutritional building material to keep the main functions going?

– Why do so many people yawn at 10 a.m. when the day is hardly started? Is it because their bodies are undernourished? Even when I sleep only five hours five nights in a row I am alert and can work from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. I believe it is because I ensure I receive an optimum intake of nutrients on a daily basis.

Our bodies require many more nutrients than previous generations due to many factors which include experiencing more stress, pollution and consuming less nutritional foods. By researching our foods and taking care of what we are consuming on a daily basis, we can overcome many health challenges, including fatigue. It all comes down to taking control of our own health and wellness.

Anna-Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner. She owns Energy All Around Therapies and has clients in Canada, USA, and Germany. She can be reached at 250-756-2235 or via email: