Not a resolution but a REAL life change

Did you make a resolution to yourself this January to lose weight? How is that going? Are you losing, are you going to the gym? Have you started yet? So often our resolutions start out with us being very certain of our commitment and we buy the right foods, join the gym, start walking after dinner each evening…. Soon however, we find ourselves buying a pizza, skipping the workout, or having one drink too many on the weekends and then ordering the wrong choice at the restaurant. Alternatively, the weeks since January 1st have been adding up and now our resolution is becoming a fading memory, never to be tackled…maybe next year.

Sound familiar? Don’t despair – get started now and make a life change, not just a resolution.

In order for one to be successful at any change we need to be ready to commit. If we do it because our spouse said so, because a wedding is coming up, or because we are going to Mexico next month, our weight loss/ exercise program will most likely be a temporary success, if at all. After the event, we are often back to square one (or have a few extra pounds due to the stress of not succeeding, and eating out of anger/ frustration….) Setting a goal to change based on external influences is very difficult to achieve – we must want to make a change because WE want it.

So, are you ready? The commitment is the next challenge. Are you actually ready to plan your workouts and not let other things come between you and your exercise sessions? Are you committed to order only healthy choices at restaurants on a regular basis – no matter what others are ordering? Are you ready to say no over and over to the statement "Come on, you have to have a piece of cake – it is my birthday….” This kind of commitment is possible and we have all had times when we were on a "plan” and nothing could deter us. What is the secret to this kind of strength long term? Sometimes we have a lot and other times, all it takes is seeing a chocolate bar on sale or driving by Dairy Queen and we are suddenly buying something we know we do not want but cannot seem to resist.

We all can choose to eat something or not, exercise regularly or not, keep a food journal or not, walk to the mailbox or drive, take the elevator or walk up the stairs, etc. Old habits, being tired, stressful day, or fighting with our spouse can make it difficult and/or result in us temporarily "not caring” or unable to resist the soothing aspects of our comfort or favourite foods. It takes a big commitment to exercise regularly or to not eat something we enjoy. We have to override our emotions, long term habits and peer pressure. Can we do it ?- Yes, but we have to want it more than the food. We have to decide each time we want to eat something that takes us off track: "Am I (and my goal) more important that the food in front of me?

Litteraly ask yourself that (out loud or in your mind). And if you choose yourself more often, you will find yourself closer to your goal. Remember, food is only temporary in its pleasure.