Notes from an Encounter with a Tofino Couch Surfing Savant

notes from an encounter with a tofino couch surfing savant (spacing intended)there is more light on the planet these days and so this is all churning everything up energetically no more notions of god in a cocoon you are personal microcosm of divine mind mysticism equals accessing the unmanifested and reconnecting with ones ability to feel and did you know clairvoyants can often misinterpret their visions if you cant understand what you see whats the point we can spawn clairsentience feeling ability of fourth dimensional meridian points we can expand our abilities to feel so feel your ability to feel mantras are helpful to knock out internal dialogue and break thought loops lets follow them back into the unmanifested paving the way for giant unfoldings corresponding with earths needs she has tried to make it as painless and slow as possible but she will still make her moves she will never surrender to us nature has been the loose cannon for the micromanagers of this system we are losing the magnetic field so says suzuki information stamped classified foretelling of pole shifts and a pentagon report called thinking the unthinkable seemingly small increases in soil temperatures are taking place and as the planet heats up the problem worsens as self fuelling carbon dioxide emissions arise from the soil tornadoes are touching down that are a mile across there is a ledge in antarctica the size of texas about to crumble into the sea landslide dangers of half mile high tsunamis theyll call it the big kowabunga from down unda half of cumbre vieja the third largest volcano in the world on a fault line in the canary islands is preparing to split apart cataclysms are pushing people to the point where they are finally saying enough while trying to deal with life at the moment but those who cant join the program in time will be quite unable to continue on this planet and as infusions of light continue there will be greater emotional upheavals just observe such upheavals non judgmentally as explosions of suppressed energy what is important in the midst of all this impending insanity is maintenance of ones feeling and transportational capabilities doing the buddha thing transmuting into compassion seems to be important to do disengage and release your belief systems in order to prepare for impending global upheavals love is the only energy of survival so said the poet cohen in paraphrased form following his departure from mount baldy j ocean dennie lives in sooke and enjoys writing on esoteric matters.

The personal transformation following almost a harrowing brush with death in 2004’s tsunami in India led to the completion of two books, a book of poetry entitled "once upon the on and on", and a stream of consciousness account of his adventures in the sacred subcontinent, entitled "blue sky mind stream".

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