On Spiritual Nourishment

The only nourishment insects appear capable of receiving is through food, but higher animals are nourished by more than just food. For example, the young of many species are emotionally nourished by bonds with their mother. Dogs are nourished by companionship. Relative to dogs, cats seem self-nourishing.

A lot of people take nourishment from action and drama, but not from peace, which they find tedious. Such people are usually nourished by the cinema. Some people are nourished by gambling, yet not by value. Many people are nourished more from eating than they are from food. People often find a single thing so nourishing that they forgo the range of nourishment life offers.

Malnourishing environments make children picky eaters. Refusing food is the child’s way of saying, "This world is not nourishing me.” Surely, control issues get mixed up with a child’s eating behaviors, but control issues are less central to the child’s refusal to eat than his/her instinctive response to food as a symbol of spiritual nourishment. This is evidenced by the child’s relative willingness to accept parental requirements in all other areas, e.g., bathing, dress, good behavior, chores, etc. The child lacks the sophistication to verbally or even cognizantly protest the absence of spiritual nourishment, so the protest becomes metaphorical and is sublimated onto food.

This may indict parents who appear good in the eyes of their neighbors, yet a neighbor’s eyes see more dimly than the child’s. Relative to the eyes of the neighbor, the child’s see divinely.

If a person were divinely perfect, they would not feel compelled to forsake their potential to parenthood, or even marriage, but may God bless those who do! To underscore the sanctity of parenthood, I would add that in 1998 I dreamed: The universe has a vibration that its fractured unity can always return to. Every form owes itself to parents that left behind the unity of the vibration.

In dreams, one’s parents can symbolize God the Father and Mother Earth. Biological parents act as surrogates for these cosmic entities, easing and forcing children into disunity from the vibration of the universe.

Those who are neither able to care for their inner-child nor can be responsible for nourishing their own soul themselves, marry and bear children without a second thought. Their unconsciousness has created a global overabundance of mouths to feed. Of these mouths, the American ones have an extraordinary craving for cancer-causing food, namely, processed food, comfort food, fatty food, junk food, all infused with high fructose corn syrup. While Americans with poor diets receive almost no material nourishment from eating, they get too much spiritual nourishment from it, making up for the spiritual nourishment they cannot get outside of food. Then, in their obesity they become as round as the world, and die.

A friend of mine was telling me that an hour after eating factory chicken he inevitably has to lie down for a while, but after a meal of freerange chicken he experiences no such malaise. He remarked that it’s no wonder Americans are "fat and afraid.”

These round Americans are an apt metaphor for the world itself suffering from a lack of spiritual nourishment, and substituting other forms of nourishment for it, nourishment such as sex, drugs, games, sport, religion, tradition, entertainment, violence, prestige, shopping, relationships, money, and even identity. Excess in any of these is caused by imbalance resulting from a shortage of spiritual nourishment.

Like food is to the obese, money is to most people to some degree. Getting a rush from receiving money speaks to money’s spiritual poverty, to how value is removed from that which has true value. A few examples of that which has true value are: human and animal rights, dignity, and the environment. Value is removed from these and then displaced onto money.

To cleanse spiritual poverty from money on a personal level, one must remove its emotional power. This can be achieved by letting go of all positive and negative association to money. Letting go of all positive and negative association to money requires paying less attention, at least emotionally, to sales, salaries, credit, coupons, costs, debt, prices, savings, and bills. Habitually maintaining neutrality toward money will incrementally loosen its grip on the psyche. Likewise, paying less attention to any of the abovementioned substitutes for spiritual nourishment (sex, sport, food, drugs, etc.), leaches away their addictive power and spiritual emptiness.

If there is a global famine, it will ultimately happen because spiritual nourishment is excessively invested into material things. The famine will subside when humanity learns to take spiritual nourishment, giving itself to Life rather than consuming Life.

In 1998, when Amy George was still male, she undertook a quest that led her to communion with a higher state of being. Two years later, while living in monastic seclusion, her unconscious self suddenly became conscious, precipitating her unanticipated identification as female.