Our Island Rail Corridor

This excerpt was placed here by Nicole, and it is from www.ourcorridor.ca – please visit their website to join the coalition and/or to download a “detailed document for investment” in our island railway.


Up and down Vancouver Island, people like you, communities, local governments, First Nations and businesses are coming together to fulfill the full potential of our Island Rail Corridor.

  The case we’re presenting to you for acquiring Federal and Provincial investment in the Rail Corridor can have a positive effect on every part of our lives.

  Acquired and managed by the Island Corridor Foundation the Rail Corridor is a 366 million dollar asset owned by the people and communities of Vancouver Island.

  That means the Rail Corridor is ours. That means it’s yours!

  Our proposal supports an integrated transportation system that connects busses to trains, park and ride facilities and the use of bicycle and walking paths along the Rail Corridor.

  We are gratified to learn that one of the reasons Islanders support our plan is because they have come to know and trust The ICF to manage the Rail Corridor on their behalf in an honest, open and business like manner. We are grateful for your trust and support.

  By working together to develop the Corridor to its full potential we have the power to: preserve our environment; develop our economy; create safe, green, efficient transportation for our families; and to build a gateway to the world for our businesses for the next 100 years. 

Protecting our Environment

Nothing is more valued by Islanders than our environment.

  Recent local and national public opinion polls have found that over 80% of us perceive rail to be the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

  To ensure sustainable growth the Island’s transportation infrastructure must preserve and protect the environment that is the very source of our prosperity and the heart and soul of our cherished way of life.

  Investing in our Rail Corridor offers Islanders the chance to significantly reduce the size of our environmental footprint.

  Railways offer the most energy efficient performance both according to passenger/km and tonne/km.

  A shift of 3% from road to rail transport corresponds to 10% decrease in GHG-emissions.

  Although they account for 65% of surface freight, railways produce only 3% of the GHG emissions.

  Freight trains create only one-fifth the GHG emissions of trucking.

  Short line railways, like ours, originate almost 24% of freight carloads in Canada. Without them Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions from domestic trucking would be 100% higher.

  Just like the Corridor itself, the environment is ours. It’s up to us manage it wisely.

Safe, Green Transportation

The growing number of cars and trucks on our roads threatens the safety of our families and the quality of our lives.

  Speak to anyone who travels by rail if they would consider getting to work by automobile and the answer will be an unequivocal…no way!

  Call it light rail, commuter rail, sky train or subway: the experience of commuter’s everywhere clearly demonstrates that rail is the preferred way for moving people safely, comfortably, efficiently and economically.

  Ask any Islander who has driven over the Malahat on a dark and rainy night if they feel safe. Drivers will already know the answer.

  Commuter Rail on the Langford – Victoria run alone would remove the equivalent of 280,000 passenger vehicle trips per year and result in almost 700 fewer cars per day on the Road.

  At present, our rail partner, SVI takes the equivalent of 2,900 large trailer trucks off the roads per year.

  With the proposed upgrades, this number could rise to almost 18,000 trucks per year.

  A revitalized Rail Corridor also creates a functional link to the growing communities of Courtenay, Nanaimo, Cowichan Valley, Ladysmith, Duncan and Langford directly to Victoria providing a safer and more efficient way of transporting people and goods.

Preserving our Lifestyle

Today, Vancouver Island is on the cusp of a boom unlike any it has seen since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

  Many Islanders question how this growth will impact on our treasured way of life.

  We believe our Rail Corridor can help us to support continued economic growth, conserve the remarkable environment that is the source of our prosperity and preserve the quality of life for which we are known for in Canada and abroad.

  A regular rail service connecting our communities will allow municipal planners to create development close to Rail stations so that our pristine environment can be better preserved.

  In 2007 the Capital Regional District and the Federal Government in cooperation with ICF moved forward with an $11.5 million project to develop a regional bike and foot commuter trail from Victoria to the Western Communities.

  Discussions with the Cowichan Valley Regional District and the Regional District of Nanaimo about similar opportunities are currently underway.

  These trails encourage active transportation and recreational activities for our people; increase property values, promote adventure and environmental tourism and increase public safety.


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