Our Spiritual Family

I realized the other day that I seem to have an incredibly strong and supportive spiritual family. They are the people in my life who are there in total support of each other. This is the buddy system at it’s best. After doing many past life regressions and in between life sessions, I realize that we come down here into a family of blood kin but that we also come in a family pod of souls.

If you have had the pleasure of reading "Journey of Souls” or "Destiny of Souls” both by Michael Newton Phd, you can understand that we have that very strong bond with a few others in this life. I’m privileged to have a couple of groups like this in my life and we boost each other along a path of spiritual growth. You realize the bond with these individuals happens very quickly!

Have you met people or a group of people where the bond develops immediately? Look around you and take note. When you met, did you feel completely connected and on the same wavelength? Pay attention. These may be the most important people to come along in your life. Karmicly speaking you may have gone many times on the same path. In this time which we are calling "the shift”, you may notice this happening more intensely and quickly.

I tend to believe we are here to function as that group, and there may be a specific reason why we function together. This time leading up to 2012 is speeding up and intensifying relationships. You may notice that in the last few years there have been quite a few changes in personal relationships. Spiritually, if we were not on the same path (or frequency), relationships broke up and many have shifted from partnerships to friendships. This is a time of finding our "kin” spiritually speaking.

I don’t think 2012 brings the end of the world but I do believe it will bring a shift in consciousness. Do you notice how synchronicity is working in your life? We are evolving spiritual beings having a human experience; and now, a time of great change is coming. That family your are in the process of developing on the spiritual level will become more and more important in the time ahead. Notice all the increased attention to spiritual movies and books. We are feeling "it”, whatever ”it” is. Pay attention to your intuition and the people your are attracting. Continue to look within to find the answers to what is happening without and you will allow the right things in your life at the right time.

Science and spirituality are meeting and taking the same road. Convergence is still in process and the "new thinking” is growing quickly. Dr. Bruce Lipton of "The Biology of Belief” fame reminds us that before the 1600’s and the shift to ”Newtonian Thinking” the Mission state of science was "to give understanding to the natural order so we can live in harmony with it.” Are we finally starting to head back that way?

Since the 1600’s science has been trying to control nature through knowledge and that definitely hasn’t worked too well. There is still a lot of resistance in the scientific community to accept some of the new teachings but pioneers in the field are changing the thinking of the regular population and change will come. Get in sync with your spiritual family and get ready for the ride.

Ines Simpson is a board certified hypnotherapist, instructor and metaphysical counsellor working in both Parksville and Nanaimo.