The Power of a Journey

Our auntie Jean passed away in the middle of April this year, and I was honoured to be with her in that moment of her final soft breath. For 17 years I was her closest relative on Vancouver Island, and in the most recent 6 years as she needed more care, I held power of […]

Life is But a Dream

  Eighteen years ago I had a life-changing dream. I was looking for my friend Andrew, and I found him off in a room, alone. Moving closer, I saw him writhing in agony on his hospital bed. He reached out to me. When I backed away in fear and revulsion, he cried out. I reached out […]

Enough Already!

  When I was a young girl, I was given a five-year diary in which I meticulously documented my days of play. Sometimes, when I felt I had written enough for the day, I would decline the opportunity to play again with friends in the evening!   What is “enough”? “Enough” is relative to what a […]