The Courage to Live

   Do you have the courage to live? It does take courage to survive, to find the light of hope to live through to the next day. I’m talking about the courage to live the life of your dreams.     When I was a teenager, I had a little circular lapel button that read ‘no […]

Frank Reflections

I’m outside at my woodpile today chopping wood, Sunday December 13, 2009. I have some thoughts to share about living on purpose, in relation to a young man who died in the Nanaimo community this week. Apparently he died of H1N1. I’ve heard they aren’t actually testing, they’re going by symptoms. It would be really […]

Observing Birth Order

I remember the first time I discovered a book on birth order. It was in 1992 in the ‘library’ where I was house-sitting on a gulf island. This opened up a whole new way of understanding myself and others in the context of family system and beyond.   Fifteen years later, as radio host, I […]

The Dream Awakens

Through years of living on this planet, we notice that there are different kinds of dreams: dreaming during sleep, day dreaming while awake, and the Dream in one’s heart. Cultivating the Dream of the heart plays a vital role in all aspects of health and well-being; it brings significance to life. Additionally, being conscious of […]

In Good Company

I was inspired to acknowledge my cousin’s son on the occasion of his 13th birthday. This rite of passage is often overlooked for the significant transition that it is for both young men and young women, and I am honoured to share this offering of encouragement.     In Good Company   At the dawn […]