Talking to Myself

Today I’d like to reflect about the practice of talking with one’s self. I’ve become used to talking with my self over many years of my life. I think it’s a way I’ve kept in touch with my self, to hear my own voice over the din of external voices, opinions and perspectives that are […]

My Dream Home

I woke up in my dream home this morning. Each day it just keeps getting better, this place where I live. I have grown through three dozen residences in the last thirty years since I showed up on the west coast of Canada. At twenty-one, I journeyed across from Ontario, by train and thumb, coincidentally […]

The Joy of Paying with Cash

My aunt always kept very meticulous records of her expenses throughout her life, and made solid investments, resulting in a stable financial situation for her now in her later years. For me, this kind of personal financial responsibility has been slow to surface. Since March of this year, I have embraced the opportunity to meet […]