Creating peace should be a natural instinct for us. If we are to survive as a species, peace has to be our goal. It is no longer just a matter of choosing peace, it is imperative to create peace. We need to take action now. It is our responsibility to humanity, mother earth and our own spiritual growth. It is our purpose both individually and collectively to create peace. There are no conditions or biases because it doesn’t matter what your social status is, the colour of your skin, your religious or philosophical beliefs, your age or gender or even your moral background. Everyone makes mistakes and someone who has not been very peaceful in the past, can choose to create peace now.

How important is this task? How have we treated "peace” in the past? Just look at the world that we have created and you will have your answer. Have we accepted our responsibility for creating peace? Has it been a priority in our governments, corporations, cities, families or personal lives? Bless John Lennon for telling us to "give peace a chance” because it was a simple yet profound message. If we have never given peace a fair chance, why should we expect to find peace in the world? A "cease fire” seems more like a military strategy to rearm and reload. When we spend more time in conflict than we do in peaceful negotiations, it is not too surprising that global peace seems harder to attain. We make a mockery of creating peace when we focus on peace one day and then choose violence the next day.

We should not give up hope though, because the solution is within all of us. Recently a number of popular books and movies have stirred awake our memories about the power of our thoughts and intentions. We know that this "secret” works for attracting abundance, but this law serves a bigger purpose of creating peace by expressing love.

Creating peace starts by releasing personal grievances, fear and anger and replacing these negative, draining emotions with more fulfilling emotions like compassion, gratitude and love. If you got angry at your neighbour yesterday, let it go today and send them a blessing rather than a hexing. Then don’t be surprised when your long lost hedge clippers, that they borrowed over a year ago, are returned with a smile, a thank you and a gift card.

It is easy to do our part for creating peace. The smallest peaceful pebbles can send loving ripples all across the ocean of humanity. We just have to lose our fear of getting wet and take action by joining a local peace group or writing articles like this to express our soul’s positive intentions.

Bobby O’Neal is the creator of Syncrohearts: "The game you love to play and play to love”.