Poem to My Son

A unique specimen of precious flesh, rare dazzling order of perfection,
put in my hands from out of my own being.
The days of inner richness and importance filled my essence and conscious being, sharing the minutes,
the hours with such a gift of sustaining delight,
flood of pride. Mother and son, enjoying life’s inexplicable joys and sorrows side by side.
A mystery everlastingly impenetrable under the guise of an everyday occurrence, two coming together under a special >continuum of space and time.
As we walked the desert trails a sense of infinite peace brooded over me and the silence seemed to whisper, you are one, my son.
Under a perfect canopy of meditative content sand, sky, breeze sharing in the secret of life entwined in mother and son.
Now in passage of time,
I find the sweet smile bearing the exquisite acceptance my mother,
isn’t there for me to share.
A quick shiver ruffles my inner calm, my son.
A sense of desolation and desolation and disillusionment fills those inner spaces that once overflowed with a sparkling delight.
A solemn gray expanse like a cold somber sea, where once a warm loving embrace enfolded mother and son, so lucky were we to share.
A thousand evanescent memories of happy days fade into a strange compound of contradictory elements, estrangement,
a throbbing sense of a great loss.
The full blossomed desert where we romped and played is filled with a bare aloofness,
days stand out indistinct vague unwelcomed melancholy.
The once joyful heart,
my son, is filled with speechless bewilderment,
where did that little tow headed, then tall statuesque beloved onego, my son?
Once again to be blessed with your laughter playing through the strings of my heart, hand in hand walking in the softness of the night-fall desert air, in my twilight years,my son.

Jenna Duncan lives in Nanaimo and plays the ‘music of the soul’- a unique harmonic sound that every living being creates through their own energy vibrations. Listening with her heart and playing the piano by ear, she provides a tonal therapy that is unique to each person. Her intuitive gifts help heal people, restoring balance and consciousness to the Self.