I sat with my fingers on the key board waiting for inspiration to come. Nothing happened. I got something to eat, came back, waited … again nothing. This time I decided to let my fingers do the talking and not worry about knowing what I was going to say, so I just let them type. And this is what my fingers have to say …

Life is a creative expression ever unfolding anew. But we, in our human expression, work hard to keep it static and familiar. Truth is, the more we hold back natures urge to grow and expand, the more we are like a balloon just waiting to pop. POP!

I have been witness to a lot of popping. My own journey was a ‘heck of a’ ride, that is for sure. I worked hard to control all parts of my life, attempting to stifle the Infinite Desire for newness. I thought I had my kids and my husband under control until the screaming began. I tried to control my parents but I had to move away to succeed. Yup, the big POP came and it was messy. What I thought was my life, fell away and I entered the void, nothingness, no-thing. I was nothing. What was I? Who was I? Where was I going and what did I want to be when I grow up? Nothing.

It seemed like a long, dark, lonely and painful journey at the time but now I am able to reflect and see that all the tension had to give eventually. I like to think of it as a house clearing. Everything that was unlike the joy and love of Spirit, unlike the natural order of the Universe, fell away; my job, my home, my children, my husband. Ya, when I do things I do things BIG. It was a big, messy POP.

When we are delivered to this place, often by unconscious choice, we rest there until there is nothing left to cleanse. And then life starts to rebuild in the most lovely and mysterious of ways. And mystery is the key. It is most important that we don’t know what we are doing. The Universe is a creative force, forever expanding and changing and in order to experience ease in our lives we have to let go of thinking we need to know how.

I was sharing with the Centre’s membership that the most important quality we can learn to develop is “showing up”. I always tell my students to say, “Yes!” When something new comes across our plate, taste it. A friend of mine traveling abroad even tasted chicken that wasn’t fully mature and still in the eggshell. The idea revolts me, but why? We eat chicken and we eat eggs. Why not the part in between?

My point is, we are fixed in so many ways and when we loosen the strings of attachment, life flows and the joy and love is beyond our wildest dreams. Trust me. I have watched many follow the same journey with the same beautifully, outrageous, amazing outcome. My peers have shared their stories and mystics talk about the surrender to something much greater.

I surrender to the endless possibilities of my life. I surrender and release the life I live today knowing a more thrilling, joy-filled life is wanting it’s way with me tomorrow. I soar and I celebrate, out of control, out of my mind and into the divine. Join me won’t you?


The fingers of  Jill Brocklehurst, Spiritual Director of the Centre for Spiritual Living, delight in sharing their story to support and empower others to be the change in their lives and in the world, making the world a better place, each and every day.