Post Indigos: The Crystal Kids

Through the last several issues, I have been talking specifically about the Indigo Children: who they are, why they are here, their special characteristics and how to assist them in making their way around this world at this time. But just when you thought you were getting used to the idea of the Indigos – the ‘new’ kids, there is another group of ‘new’ kids that are also rapidly populating our planet. These are the followers of the Indigos. They are dubbed the "Crystal Children”, aptly named for their opalescent aura colors, energy patterns, and iridescent personalities. The majority of the Crystal children that are here now, have come in after the mid-90s, and some are now children of older Indigos.

Just like Indigos, Crystal children (whom I’ll refer to as "Crystals”) are here for a major purpose – to follow the trailblazing path of the Indigos in order to come into a more safe and secure world. They are truly the peacemakers, the ones that are here to provide innovative solutions and perspectives but in a harmonious and loving manner. One example is the now well-known British chef Jamie Oliver (and an Indigo!), on his revolutionary mission to change the way people and schools think about feeding young children.

Unlike Indigos though, Crystals carry very differing temperaments. As I wrote about in the first issue, Indigos are often seen having a warrior-like personality, being very intense in their emotions, and being fiercely determined in their behaviour. Crystals are the opposite. They are very even-tempered, and generally very easy going. While the occasional tantrum can occur, it usually passes swiftly and their gentle and forgiving nature rises to the forefront.

Crystals exhibit very affectionate and loving behaviour, and almost all that I have known or come in contact with, love to cuddle and hug, even with people that they don’t know. The second defining characteristic is the eyes. Crystals have huge wide-eyes that lock with yours when they look at you. My daughter, Katerina, who is a crystal child through and through, had an intense stare from day one, and the effect was like seeing into one’s soul. Their eyes also reflect a deep, spiritual and wise knowing. Like Indigos, Crystals have spiritual gifts and they too will often say profound things, still matter-of-fact, but in a much more gentle and calm manner.

Some Crystals, although very loving and shower people they meet with healing doses of sunshine, tend to delay their speech, and often showing signs of apparent speech development. These children basically take their sweet time to begin speaking, communicating with words or putting their attention on things; and often can be misdiagnosed with Autism or even ADD/ADHD. The difference is that Crystal children actually consciously ‘choose’ to speak when they are ready to do so, as well as ‘snapping’ into focus of their own volition.

Like Indigos, this is also the generation of very sensitive children. Crystals are highly intelligent, intuitive, greatly artisitic, creative, very expressive and entertaining, and possess sensitivities usually on all levels. Food, environment, noise, temperature, chemicals, artificial ingredients and emotions are all part of the sensitivity package. And they are also die-hard insomniacs – which can be very challenging to many parents!

This just scratches the surface of these amazing children. More information will appear in future articles on guidance and care of Crystals.

Olena Gill is the author of the forthcoming books The Indigo Survival Guide and An Indigo’s Messages of Light. She is also the operator of Indigo-Crystal Coaching Services in Errington, BC. Visit or telephone (250) 954-2204.