Put Some "Cheese" into Your Exercise Program

Do you remember how you felt about brussel sprouts or broccoli as a kid? Most of us didn’t like them, that is, until cheese sauce was added, and then we couldn’t get enough! Why was that? Likely because cheese is yummy and thus by association the brussel sprouts and broccoli were as well.

Now transfer that concept to your exercise program. For many people, especially when they start, exercising is tough. It can be challenging and push you out of your comfort zone. Eventually however, with time and practice it isn’t as grueling (I promise!). But in the meantime, why not add some "cheese” to your program and make it enjoyable by association?

Now I’m not suggesting that Brussel sprouts, broccoli or exercise aren’t enjoyable all on their own; in fact, brussel sprouts and broccoli are fabulous vegetables with tremendous health benefits. And I’m certainly not suggesting you exercise while eating cheese – it’s a metaphor people! What I am suggesting is that you add something to your exercise program that makes it more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions for adding that "cheese” to your exercise program. Now remember, just like cheeses, there are many ways to add enjoyment to your exercise program. What works for one palate may not work for the next.

If you Enjoy…

• Listening to Music……then Consider

…Taking Group Fitness Classes like

jazzercise, step, or high-low.

…Listening to your disc-man or Mp3

while you exercise.

…Taking a Dance class.

• Social Time with Friends and Family……then Consider

…Finding some gym buddies.

…Joining a running or walking group.

…Trying a group exercise class

…Joining a cycle or hiking club.

• Challenging your abilities with new skills…then consider

…Trying a new activity or sport like

mountain biking, adult hockey, swimming,

rock climbing, ballet, hip hop, kayaking,

canoing, etc.

• Working towards and accomplishing goals…then consider

…Registering for a Triathlon, Running, or

Adventure race and working towards that

goal in your programming.

• Sweating…then consider

…Trying a tough Group Exercise class like

spinning, or boot camp.

• "Feeling the Burn”…then consider

…Learning to lift weights.

The bottom line? Brussel sprouts, broccoli and exercise are all extraordinarily good for you, so add some "cheese” and enjoy adding them into your life!

Gillian Goerzen, BSc (kin),BCRPA SFL PT GF, is a provincially registered personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is a member of the North Ridge Fitness Team. Gillian also provides consulting and seminars on health and wellness to corporate and private clients. Her email is: gilliangoerzen@shaw.ca.