Radio – Heart and Mind: Tools for Change

This weekly radio talk show was aired on CHLY 101.7 Radio Malaspina. In the following recordings, your hosts, Nicole Shaw and Dirk Becker, explore topics that provoke, prod and encourage.   

In a society that has become increasingly individualistic and heavily dependent upon “mind”, this show encourages listeners to access their “hearts” in order to practice living more consciously and co-operatively.

December 16 – Birth Order (40min)

December 2 – Trauma (44min)

November 25 – The Symbology of Health and Disease (39min)

Author and nutritional counselor, Michael Schwartz, shares how to find symbolic meaning in our physical experiences.

November 18 – Doula Care (30min)

Nicole chats with Regan Grill, a local doula, yoga instructor and “Birthing From Within” mentor.

November 4 – The Dominant Culture (45min)

Understanding the forces of our “Dominant Culture”.

October 28 – How to Keep our Thoughts, Words and Actions in Alignment with our Intention (38min)

Nicole and Dirk share how our values and communication play a huge part in either blocking or allowing us to live in alignment.

October 21 – How Media Works (39min)

This show shares how to become more aware of how we are all affected and conditioned by the mass media, and how to break away from its grip to live more mindfully and consciously.

October 14 – Politics (44min)

Whether we like it or not, we are all a part of a “political” structure – from family politics to democratic decision-making. How, in what way and to what degree is our role?

October 7 – Relationships (42min)

Dirk and Nicole share what ‘makes’ a relationship.

September 23 – Living Food (29min)

Elyse Nuff joins Nicole to discuss the benefits of a raw food diet and shares a quick and easy recipe to try.

September 9 – Status… Imagined Success (43min)

How status relates to our primordial, Darwinian tendency for reproduction (sex).

August 19 – Hero Worship (42min)

Dirk discusses our propensity to create heros as a need to look beyond our own sense of helplessness and project super-hero status on certain individuals. What’s wrong with hero worship?

August 12 – What Happened to Feminism? (43min)

Is feminism the new “F” word? Do women really have equality?

June 24 – Addiction (43min)

What it is; how it works – what’s behind it? From substance abuse to over-working and even…”revered” addictions.

June 17 – Lifestyle Changes (41min)

Dirk and Nicole share how they made drastic lifestyle changes and offer examples as to how you can reduce your participation in the rat race.

June 10 – Unschooling (37min)

Jill Brocklehurst joins Nicole on the show to discuss an alternative approach to schooling.

June 3 – Food and Fuel (39min)

Almost all of our food is made from oil… how? Dirk shares the connection and how we can break free from this dependence.

May 27 – Societal Change (33min)

We are currently experiencing rapid shifts in our society, which are manifesting especially in the areas of self awareness, health and new forms of spirituality.

May 13 – A New Earth, Part 2 (38min)

Helena Green and Nicole discuss the second half of Tolle’s book.

April 29 – Loving the Chaos (36min)

An interview with Laurel Vespi reveals how we can achieve work/life balance by recognizing the difference between natural chaos and self-created chaos, and she offers practical tips on how to say “no”.

April 15 – A New Earth, Part 1 (36min)

Helena Green joins Nicole to discuss Eckhart Tolle’s book on creating a New Earth.

April 1 – Pursue Your Dreams (37min)

Writer, Janelle Hoddevik and Coach, Ivan Clock, join Nicole in the studio to discuss overcoming fears to do what you love.

March 25 – Singing Home the Sacred (37min)

Daeva N. Guest, Marjorie Dow and Bev Horn join Nicole in the studio for a beautiful sampling and description of sacred chants.

March 18 – Practising Conscious Living and Dying (32min)

Nicole interviews author, Annamaria Hemmingway to discuss her book with the above-mentioned title.

March 11 – Homeschooling (41min)

Klair Strom shares her family’s experiences of homeschooling and how it has brought them closer together.

February 26 – Neurolinguistic Programming (50min)

NLP has often been promoted as an art and science of effective communication and defined as ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’. Dirk shares how we can practically utilize this tool to better communicate with ourselves and others.

January 1 – Emotional Intelligence (38min)

What if we thought that emotions were a good thing and stopped apologizing for them? Nicole interviews Johanna Vanderpol, author of “Honouring Your Emotions: Why it matters.”

November 27 – True Colours (40min)

An interview with Karen Knorr. Learn the four personality “colours” and improve communication both in our personal and professional relationships.

November 20 – Exploring Anger (46min)

What is it? And how can women and men recognize and express anger more harmoniously? Dirk shares from personal experience.

November 6 – Living More Consciously (47min)
Dirk shares insights and practical solutions for living more consciously.

October 30 – Ayurvedic Body Types (40min)

Learn how the three body types, Kapha, Pitta, Vata (described in Ayurveda, the ancient, holistic medicine of India) physiologically relate to a person’s overall energy, shape and general disposition.