Ramblings of an old flower child: Co-Creation

Are you where you had imagined yourself to be at this stage in your life? Are you happy? I’m guessing that most people answer in some version of ‘NOT’ on both questions. With all the information that we have, especially those of us who have made searching for higher consciousness/awareness our purpose in life, it’s intriguing that ‘Nirvana’ seems to elude so many of us.

I liken life (and what I create in mine) to a sort of game where, if I only knew all the rules, I could play well. In the trenches, I have identified several key variables that play some type of role in the ‘game’ of life. These include (but aren’t limited to) Spirit and faith, fate, free will, karma, intention, timing, focus, distance, acceptance, and forgiveness. Each of these axioms is rife with angles and interpretations that could make you dizzy. Yet, with all the permutations of possibilities and overall complexity, there is some ineffable essence of bliss at the core that resonates with simplicity. This seems to be a paradox but I also see the synergistic humour in impossible miracles whenever I step back from the tapestry of life that I am weaving.

Having said all that, I believe that I am a co-creator in my existence. The other author is Spirt (aka God, Allah, Universal Consciousness, Divine Mind, etc.). My problem is that I don’t always know when and where Spirit passes me the baton to run with. I am often caught in a quandary of when to ‘do,’ as the actor and perhaps agent of my will, and when to just ‘be,’ as the vehicle for which Spirit’s will is made manifest.

So, as I struggle in my daily affairs – nose to nose with life’s challenges – my ‘M.O.’ is to try to incorporate my values, heart, and faith in the fabric of my life. Yet often I find that my ‘walking my talk’ does not yield what my society would deem to be a measure of ‘success.’ That becomes an issue when I don’t see the evidence, in traditional forms, of my faith and effort.

In the meantime, I get perspective and hope, the closer I align myself with Spirit.

That investment of time and energy stokes my inner fire and gives me balance. Plus, it keeps me rooted in what really matters. Things like loving relationships, health, and Self awareness would be the three ‘brass rings’ that I tout as excellence in Being human. The rest can be fascinating – good or bad – but is, in the final analysis, only details.

So, I’m reminded of very poignant and insightful words that I have come across recently,

"I asked for Strength. . . I was given difficulties to make me strong.”

"I asked for Wisdom . . . I was given problems to solve.”

"I asked for Prosperity . . . I was given a brain and brawn to work.”

"I asked for Courage . . . I was given obstacles to overcome.”

"I asked for Love . . . I was given troubled people to help.”

Perspective really is everything, isn’t it? – that, and the conviction that the universe is indeed "unfolding as it should.” In our personal small part that we play on this infinite stage, we can decide to be happy, no matter what, in the belief that we are infinite also. I must be vigilant in order to paint the colour of my life out of love, not fear.

Another vehicle to happiness is acceptance of the here and now. Some people would express this as surrender to God’s will. I’m still learning when to "Let go, let God.” That stance, along with the Four Noble Truths, i.e. Assume Nothing, Don’t Take Things Personally, Be Impeccable with your Word, and Do Your Best, serves me well. Faith in a divine plan grants me the distance to get above the misleading details on my path. Otherwise, I get guidance and nurturing from Spirit (especially in nature), inspired writers and countless other seekers who have ventured before me.