Ramblings of an old flower child – Dancing on the razor’s edge

Dancing on the Razor’s Edge

As human beings we have been granted consciousness (being self aware) and free will (choice). Yet these blessings have both rights and responsibilities attached. The rights (some would say perks) of self awareness include the ability to deepen our awareness. Deepening our awareness includes explorations of understanding in mind/ego (thinking), body (feeling) and Spirit (knowing/being). As a result, life takes on increasing vibrancy and joy as consciousness evolves. When someone is firing on all cylinders, e.g. any mystic, the evidence is there for all to witness.

With free will, we have the opportunity to create a life filled with love, peace and ultimately freedom. We have the freedom to choose! In personal development, we commit to deepening our awareness. It really doesn’t matter where we are at as long as we are doing our best with what we know. In the choices that we make, there is a simple formula for optimal success; that is experience –> focus –> action –> commitment.

We have to experience all sorts of things in order to discover what fits for us and what doesn’t. The journey of choice begins with a process of, “not this, not that.” As we increasingly find out what to exclude, we are able to focus more and more on the things to include. People who have found this focus early in life (such as athletes) can funnel their passion and create abundance on all sorts of levels. The vision is created.

The next step is to take action around the vision. Wishing and hoping are not enough. I have said it before, “Life is not an armchair sport!” We come to understand ourselves and our world through experience. Action may take any form of doing (beyond feeling, thinking or being) in our lives. Ideally, whatever action we take incorporates flexibility and adaptation (should new information present itself along the way). A stance of openness, along with gratitude, helps not only our sustained clarity but also lines up the assistance of all forces around us.

Once we align ourselves with our passion, commitment demands that we stay the course no matter what. That is the bridge to the final harvest. Holding firm to our vision and taking action around that is the stuff that success is made of. The world loves to resonate with someone who really knows who they are and what they want. Everyone and everything feeds and validates prolonged commitment. The vision is thereby transmuted into manifestation/creation.

So far, the formula for optimal success has included mind/ego and body. Yet it is not complete without the dimension of Spirit. That jewel is housed in surrender. (I love that word!) In surrender we have done our best yet are willing to let go of outcomes. My dear friend and wise crone, Shannon Ernst describes it as, “That poignant moment when the only choice that is fathomable is to surrender to the unknowable.” This “allowing” energy balances forces at work and allows Source to play its part. In doing so, it frees us from the trappings of ego! Spirit’s part may be subtle or obvious. In any case, it is the glue that holds it all together. Spirit fills the deepest hole that ego cannot hope to fill.  The adage, “Let go, let God,” has surely sprung from this wisdom.

So the razor’s edge of self actualization embraces action as well as non-action. (Martin Heidegger, a famous Hermeneuticist called it ‘wu-wei.’) On this fine edge is balanced opposing forces, yielding to each other in acceptance, cooperation and appreciation. The dance of life embraces a balance of everything – intention, thought, word and deed, feelings and choices – all kissed with the freedom of surrender.

The other side of those coins, i.e. the responsibilities, are the consequences of our thoughts, words and deeds if they are not up to par. The consequence of consciousness and free will without developed wisdom and compassion translates into varying degrees of misery. People trapped in an egoic state of mind act out their pain in many creative ways. Yet I believe that we are blessed with self awareness and free choice in order to evolve. We have the potential of making our planet (humans, animals, and environment) a cohesive, healthy and synergistic whole.

So what choices are you making that work with the highest good for yourself and your world? Do your choices resonate with your mind (ego) or with your heart? Are you able to search deep within for that answer? (By the way, there is no ego/”monkey mind” chatter in that space of silence. Rather, the real answer pings in the heart.) Finally, what do you need to change so that you line up with your true potential? The planet needs you to show up already.

Helena Green is a Registered Professional Counsellor in Nanaimo. She also volunteers as the Vancouver Island Regional Director for the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and is a professional writer.