Ramblings of an Old Flower Child: Vision for the Future

I have a penchant for spirals. I’ve always felt that the concept, the shape holds some sort of axiomatic position in understanding various physical and metaphysical dynamics of our universe. Spirals are inherent in the DNA helix. They comprise the way that our chakras spin. The Law of Attraction has been described as a vortex. It’s like a primordial funnel with swirling forces vying for power at the top as the process of manifestation strains out yielding factors. Ultimately, the victorious element emerges supreme at the bottom spout – the outcome. I’m sure that it’s no accident that I perceive them more and more.

  Superimposed on this concept, there are currently crucial dynamics unfolding. These include natural physical events as well as humanity-driven forces. The monetary system has almost reached the end of its lifespan. Greed driven control over oil, water and other resources are precipitating a global crisis. Pollution is changing the face of the planet. Humanity’s combined behavior is precipitating global climate change with disastrous consequences. 

  Inherent in this increasing centrifugal force is an increasing polarization of human contingents. On one end, people are increasingly enmeshed in fear based ideas and activities involving their ever hungry egos, power and short-sighted goals. This perspective seems to be predominant in the media, governments and western society in general. 

  Simultaneously, situated at the other pole of building forces, there are people who maintain a positive vision of their part in a divinely unfolding world. These people, who I have called “energy dancers,” have a critical leadership role to play in upcoming events.

  I see a widening chasm between the two contingents. People on the forefront of these colossal developments have known for a few years what is in store. Many of these leaders, such as Al Gore and David Suzuki, have been agents for wisdom and the common good. Conversely, others, including Gordon Campbell and the Bush administration, have capitalized on opportunities for short-sighted, personal gain. Part of this unfolding landscape is the toxic, negatively oriented media, which is by and large controlled by self serving, economic giants. 

  The energy dancers have also been busy. On a person-by-person basis, I am finding many people have a deepened awareness of themselves and the universe. They are ready to breathe life into a lovely personal dream in the midst of a chaotic world. These dreams often have themes of care-giving, beauty, creativity and/or health. So there is a grass-roots swell of intention and action oriented toward positive ends. 

  The view from a thousand feet is that humanity is careening toward a radical shift or watershed in life as we know it. The Mayans have named December of 2012 as the point in time where forces will culminate in sweeping change. That doesn’t necessarily mean a cataclysm. Within and beyond the systemic forces at work, I believe that a consciousness evolution is also occurring. However, change is stress and sweeping change – well, it’s going to be life-altering. It’s going to really freak out all the people on the negative end of things. I see a lot of fear at work, making all our journeys more difficult and contributing to mass hysteria. 

  So the challenge is to maintain a grounded, balanced center for ourselves. This core self must be preserved in the face of all the flying negativity in the whirl of the next few years.

  In my counseling, I encourage energy dancers to get busy with whatever their long-standing passion is. They have a leadership role to play throughout the upcoming darkness. I promote getting in touch with loved ones along with healing old rifts. It’s time to surround yourself with your positive minded dear ones. Also everyone has a part to play in getting involved with the well-being of the planet. This can be as simple as starting with recycling and not littering. Yet the core task is to attend to our personal health and well-being on all levels, i.e. mind, body and spirit.

  For most of us, our scope need only be ourselves and our own “back yard.” It’s a primal focus that helps put everything in perspective and empowers us to act right now. Rather than feeling helpless and overwhelmed by forces beyond our control, we can get busy creating a little bubble of light all around us. With that energy, people in our midst may receive the benefit of that clarity and light. In an entrainment sort of way, our light may help others to actualize their light. 

  In the meantime, I watch and wait for our collective destiny. Yet I have faith that the pregnant spiral that envelopes us all may yet give birth to a glorious new horizon for humanity.


Helena Green – Writer, Life Skills & Spirituality Coach, Ritualist and Health Management Facilitator.