Reclaiming Innocence

Thank you for your welcome. I am this sunny day in your neighbourhood. It was just the way it came together this morning, and I trust that you are in love with it all as I am, with the sunrise and clouds under-lit by the newest of colours as your planet turned so you could greet the dawn.

I know that my choices and timing have not always been acceptable or appreciated by you; I’ve heard the disparaging remarks, “Great weather we’re having, but it won’t last”, and “Finally, summer has arrived, though it’s chilly when the wind blows”. If you think I’m any more in control of it than you are, well, you have just never taken the time to get to know your weather system yet. Most days my cloud cast arms open all the blue sky wide to embrace the possibilities, and believe me, the sky is hardly the limit! Somewhere, truly, the sun is always shining. On a day when clouds are featured, imagination is the place to find it. Or above the clouds that hug your great round planet, on a jet plane, or a satellite. A chilly day here is relatively warm when considered from another location. I observe that joy in life is really attitude dependent more than weather dependent, although when joy is compromised, weather is easily blame cast.

It’s the ever-changing mood and personality of clouds, breeze and comets that really drew me into this role. The benefits are out of this world, and literally way beyond the ceiling of what I envisioned when I applied. For example, when the intention is set by a large group of beings for specific weather on a specific day, that’s where I am truly blessed to co-create the demonstration of a miracle in action. As the festival opens, the sun breaks through the clouds, embracing all in its rays; as the couple turn towards each other declaring their vows to love, a gentle veil of rain is twinkled by sunbeams. One of my favourite house-keeping features is the wild wind and rain to clean up after a long hot festival in your summertime.

The days of my simple pleasures, of melting snow that allows children to polish up their bicycles to ride again in the spring, of the treasure of precious rain collected in a hot dry land, are in contrast today, as I am aware that there is manipulation underway. Lightning displays and story-telling cloud formations that have traditionally been my favourite handiwork, endearing me to many a philosopher and nature enthusiast, are being re-worked to tell a new story. For those of you who are dismayed by your own observations of chemical spraying and contrived disasters, feeling as though you are in one of those small snow globe wonderlands, being shook up and dazzled, be still and know that I am weather. Know that as long as the oceans continue to breathe in waves, tender green grasses grow through concrete, and the star constellations are steady to guide your way, I am here for you. Some may say that I am feigning ignorance, while in the heart of my beacon for you, I am reclaiming my innocence.

Lynn Thompson is the host and producer of radio show ‘Living on Purpose’. For podcasts visit