Ah.. Summer. A time to bask in the sun and do all those wonderful things that replenish the soul. A great time to allow all the elements of life to balance and let the inner self, the spirit, to lift, to develop and to evolve.

One of the best weekends of my life was also completely life changing and spiritually uplifting. I was in the middle of teaching an intensive course to become a hypnotist and all the work brought up all my own life issues to be dealt with. I asked a friend of mine to help me access the deeper states of consciousness, that place within, to find the answers to the issues that my subconscious was bringing to my cognisance. After the answers to my questions came to me, I decided to go camping with some friends.

I pretty well spent that whole weekend in a deeply altered state and achieved great healing deep within my spirit. I remember waking early in the morning and watching the sun rise on a whole new day in more ways than one. The Ines I knew previously no longer existed and a whole new being was developing. Many of my old friends and even family may even have thought that I had gone a little off the deep end.

Most of my life I had lived mostly in a very analytically based place of living. I was now expanding my horizons and looking for the spirit within. I’m definitely not the only person to ever experience this; and I hope you will allow yourself to experience in whatever way is right for you, this great gift.

When experiencing those deeply altered states that weekend, the beauty of the ocean, the sun, the mountains, the moon and even the pebbles on the beach cannot be put into words. Maybe this is the place great artists go and paint the masterpieces that affect us deeply.

I admit that since my own spiritual journey started, I’m more and more interested in helping people in theses areas. My interest in developing new ways to open new levels of consciousness is of foremost interest to me at the moment. I now thank that intellectual, analytical part of my brain for allowing creative ideas to develop.

Summer definitely is a good time for this introspection because nothing helps you achieve knowledge more easily than nature and the great outdoors. So allow summer to let your spirit soar, allowing a new beauty in your life. Go sit on a beach and meditate or run on the sand and allow yourself to experience what your spirit is wanting you to know.