Releasing Known Pathways

Everything you know, of how things can come together and in what ways they can come together, is based on past experience as well as evidence of how other beings, other unique points of consciousness, have materialized a sequence of moments. You have known and manifested pathways that have become your own automatic and expected route to manifestation. Releasing these known pathways is one of the ways in which you can step into the field of infinite possibility available to you in this moment. So that how you move from point A to point B is directed by Higher Intelligence, the creativity of the Soul that you are. 

  The route to manifestation can be open to becoming the unexpected and unimaginable, the very substance and space of what, to your conscious physical focus, looks like miraculous and unfathomable orchestrations.


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Emerson


  You will often experience the pathways you expect to experience. The sequence of scenes that materialize as your physical day to day experience fall within your realm of expectation and known pathways, within your assumed and projected routes to manifestation – the picture of what you believe your today will look like. Known pathways are past information. Known pathways are repetition. Releasing these known projections and pathways allows you to open up to the inquiry “what else can this become” and “how else can this unfold?” In the instant you open up your expectations to be beyond the information the past offers you, you allow Higher Intelligence to orchestrate the moments and outcomes, to create something new and unique to you, rather than have your conscious mind direct the manifestation within its limited framework of past experience.

  What can your moment become? What can your day become? What can your week become? What can you become in this moment and beyond? What can life become today? Tomorrow? Where can you be open to the unexpected and unimaginable? How can you be an opening to the miraculous?

  You create your own unique path in every avenue of your physical experience from the various layers of your Being. The path you take and each moment you make visible in your physical experience is a creative expression of your own Being. Everything is Self-expression. The path you take is as much your creation as is every aspect of your experience. Allow the creativity of your Being to come through in the paths you take, in the routes you allow to form before you. Release the knowing of the conscious mind, the conditioned outcome of past information, and allow the creativity of your Inner Being to flow through you and to you. Every aspect of your physical experience is the creative expression of the Soul that you are, and you can open yourself up for the highest and best possible moments and outcomes by releasing the conscious mind’s tendency to “know” everything, to be an expert at what will happen and how it will happen.


“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few.” Shunryu Suzuki.


  The expert conscious mind already has it all figured out. Release this expert knowing. Be open to the infinite and miraculous possibilities before you. Be willing to ask in every situation: “How else can I get from point A to point B?”, “How else can this come together?”, “What can this become?” and leave this space of inquiry open for Higher Intelligence to answer.


Releasing Known Pathways:

  Make it a conscious intent to allow yourself to see that the next step is emerging out of the infinite field of pure potential, the unknown, the “un-manifest”. Allow yourself to release your knowing of how things can come together. Allow yourself to settle on the thought: “I don’t know how it will come to pass but I’m excited to find out.”

  The possibilities before you are endless.


Kidest is a conscious creation and alignment coach. You can currently find her hanging out on Vancouver Island and on blogtalkradio every Wednesday night. Website: Radio: