Restoring Love

Stock markets are falling; divorce rates are rising. Why? Relationship experts tell us that the number one thing that couples argue about is money. A shortage of the green stuff can cause us to see red when we disagree on investments and spending habits. This is not the time to argue. This is the time to restore the love in our relationships. If two heads are better than one, then two hearts in sync are truly powerful to endure the difficult times. Perhaps the meltdown in the global economy is a sign that we are out of balance in our lives. Have we been consuming too much and focusing too much attention on acquiring the material things in our lives? Perhaps this is an opportunity to get back to the basics and focus on love and relationships.

I acknowledge that restoring the love in our relationships can be a challenge, especially if we are working too much, or searching for employment, worrying about debt, or spending too much time absorbing all of the bad news. Fortunately, love is the one source of light that can brighten the bleakest of days. We know that love heals our emotions and nurtures our soul. It is the only renewable energy source that everyone can access; with just a "switch of our minds”. When we focus our attention on love, we turn on the flow of love in our lives. These days we have a responsibility to shower ourselves with more love to help flush out all of the negative stuff in the world.

Enhancing our relationships with more intimacy and romance is a beneficial way to restore love. This time of the year, in the northern hemisphere, nature encourages us to hibernate, recuperate and rejuvenate. Bears have their dens to rest and thankfully, we have our warm bedrooms to rest and "restore love”. Like my spry old uncle used to say, "when the trees get naked, it is time to turn off the lights, pull down the covers and make the bed springs squeak”. No wonder there were so many "summer born” cousins appearing in our family. Making love can help take our minds off the "worries of the world” and sex is a natural stress reliever and mood enhancer.

Making love to restore love is not just about sex. It is about adding more kindness, caring, compassion and communication in our relationships. Loving relationships are partnerships that pay dividends in the good times and the bad times. Investing in more love is guaranteed to provide many happy returns.

Regardless of how bad things get, the creditors cannot foreclose on our love assets. Can you picture the signs? "House price reduced-love not for sale”, "Insufficient funds-still plenty of love available”, "Vehicle repossessed-parking memories still present”. It is never too late to make a deposit in your relationship account. The interest on love compounds daily and it provides mutual benefits for your family and friends. Tonight, when you turn off the lights, think about turning on your partner with a hug, kiss and a nice massage. If someone complains about "squeaky bed springs”, blame it on the hibernating bear under your bed!

Bobby O’Neale is the creator of Syncrohearts: "The game you love to play and play to love.”