Seekers of Being

What a wonderful – packed full of surprises, shifts in awareness and joy filled – ride I’m on! At last, my intentions and work over the course of my life is bearing blessed fruit. My harvest consists of renewed focus of effort, validation of my mystical journey and purpose in service. It’s all manifesting in stride, along with a global evolution of our species’, i.e. human-"Beings,” consciousness.

Many people around the world, eleven million and counting, have been following the webcast of Eckhart Tolle’s book, "A New Earth; Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” The primary imperative in the divinely inspired book is a call for humanity to evolve in consciousness. Tolle’s concepts and practical tools (also in his other book, "The Power of Now”) have provided the framework and content for tweaking my personal path to awakening.

This path has brought me full circle to my ‘talk’ of almost a decade ago. Now I’m able to ‘walk my talk’ with greater skill and ease while attaining the state of peace-filled "Presence” more and more. As a Seeker within the community of Seekers Synonymous, my personal formula for "Being” all that I can "Be” in the Now (our only reality) is encapsulated in eleven specific principles or orientations.

1. Holistic Self:

There is an increasing awareness of the intimate link between Mind and Body. Indeed, the Mind does not recognize the difference. Yet this is still a two dimensional account of a human-"Being.” It is Spirit that adds the third dimension, transforms knowledge into wisdom, and supplies the divine spark in our process of "Becoming.” This fusion of horizons creates a dynamic whole Self. It is a lifelong journey that we embark upon when we commit ourSelves to Self discovery and Self actualization.

2. Discipline:

A commitment to nourish all three aspects of ourSelves, i.e. Mind, Body and Spirit, every day is an act of will and perseverance. A minimum of twenty minutes to one-half hour for each part daily provides us with a solid platform for personal growth and awareness. That’s just a guideline, of course.

Discipline also involves staying on track in what we think, say, and do. Conscious thinking includes monitoring our private Self talk. Vigilant speech embraces being impeccable with the spoken word. The action that we take follows from our thoughts. The bottom line is to invest time and effort in all three aspects of Self.

3. Orientation:

The first and last direction in Self actualization is inner. All roads begin and ultimately end with the Self. In fact, our reality exists only as our Mind interprets it. Our "truth” is totally subjective. So we learn about everything with ourSelves as the center of our personal universe. In this way, we explore the outside world through which we see and understand our inner Selves. As energy workers, we transmute energy in our world as we simultaneously transform ourSelves. It is only in Self actualization that all aspects of the illusion of form may be pierced.

4. Honesty:

Being honest includes being truthful to ourselves as well as others. Sometimes, it takes various experiences to realize that we have been blocked or stuck in some way, thereby deluding ourselves as to our honesty. Introspection and being open to feedback is where we may find a measure of Self awareness.

Another sort of honesty, a sense of totally ‘showing up,’ is recognized as authenticity. In this way, we are clear and real at the junction between ourSelf and others.

5. Balance:

Balance involves temperance or degree. We endeavor to be centered and grounded in everything we do. This ability to focus arises from an appreciation of moderation. Subjecting our senses to extremes tends to push us off our center. This focus on balance includes everything from food and noise to thoughts and moods. Balance is also inherent in the choices we make when we consider a spectrum of factors in making a decision.

6. Harmony:

Life that exists in our universe is imbued with an unmistakable rhythm. While the concept of "time” remains an enigma to us all, we still possess an intuitive sense of harmony and timing that puts us in sync with the rhythm of ourSelves and of life around us. The closer to nature we position ourSelves, the more developed our sense of harmony and peace tends to be.

Other aspects of harmony include humility and patience. Humility, along with respect, for ourSelves and others sets us up for tolerance and compassion. Our connectedness with others is indeed a measure of our humanity. It represents another tool by which we may measure our progress in "Becoming” wholly human. Patience helps us assume a less aggressive stance, thereby enabling a calm core. Ultimately, harmony involves sensitivity to both our own natural rhythm and the beat of the world.

7. Attitude:

The care we take in creating a positive and nourishing environment (within the Mind as well as outside) promotes wellness and personal growth. When we develop the ability to "view the glass as half full, instead of half empty,” the path becomes smoother and happier. With love and compassion in our hearts (including for ourSelves), we expect the best to happen every day.

The nature of the energy, in thought, word and deed, that we put out into the world is reflected back to us. The universe supports us in appearing as a form that is in accordance with our thoughts. Whatever direction we choose, positive or negative, the cycle energizes itself in kind. In fact, enthusiasm in what we do is one of the states whereby our consciousness resonates with Source energy.

Also, when we give thanks for the good in our lives, we choose to focus on the positive, thereby giving ourSelves inner strength. Positive personal growth does not come from fear based thoughts or actions. On the other hand, "love makes the world go ‘round.”

8. Experience:

Life is not an armchair sport. In fact, when we shy away from experience, by staying "safe” in a comfortable, yet stagnant lifestyle, we effectively arrest our development. Our divine, formless Selves have chosen specific forms in order to experience this lifetime. So, most of us have been blessed with various glorious senses with which we are able to explore our surroundings. Within a dance of trying on this and that, we drape ourSelves in ideas about who and what we are. When we find bliss in pursuing something that we are passionate about, we have found our "Being’s” frequency. This evidence of Source serves as a sort of signpost that we’re functioning within the creative stream of universal unfolding. In this journey of engaging life, enlivened "Being” in action is not only our journey but also our destination.

9. Acceptance:

Suffering in life is a fact. The type of pain, degree and frequency may vary from one person to the next, but the human condition is one of affliction. Yet there is a purpose to this pain. We learn and grow in a universe that supports us much like a mirror, providing us with reflections that we have created to challenge ourSelves. As our awareness deepens, so too does our acceptance of our lives and conditions in this world. The wisdom and compassion that we subsequently acquire resonates with a sense of peace, nonresistance and distance from everyday struggles. We develop a deep appreciation for surrender; a sense of "All is very, very well.”

Forgiveness is the ultimate form of acceptance or non-resistance in problematic relationships. The letting go of whatever perceived injury that we perpetuate long after the event is the gateway to freedom for ourselves.

10. Joy:

Laughter and humour are vital parts of living well. So take a step back from intensity and lighten up! Take your teddy bear for breakfast. Play a game, sing, skip a rope, act in a theatre, fly a kite, or play fetch with your dog. Take the time to surround yourself with the glory of nature and drink in the sublime vibration of natural, unfettered abundance. Sense the aliveness in your baby finger. Whether to be happy or not is a conscious decision that we make. Our natural glee is evident in children. Happiness is, after all, our birthright.

11. Vision:

Prior to the thought process that gives rise to impermanent form, there exists the ultimate truth of our formless essence. Ultimately the conviction that – Spirit/Divine Seed/Buddha Nature abides in all human-"Beings” as our latent potential – conditions all that we do and aspire to do. It situates us in the expanding intention to evolve. This vision provides us with the dynamic within the moment. We are pure consciousness. It is communion with this Higher Self that is our ultimate purpose and indeed, destiny.

These eleven sentinels combined form a lifestyle meant to engender ever deeper awareness. In the process, I seek to be gentle with mySelf, learn the lesson at hand and go on. As one of many Seekers at the dawn of our collective awakening, I strive to find the balance between – and the wholeness within – my humanity and my inherent spark of divinity. It’s a great day to be alive!

By Helena Green – Writer, Life Skills & Spirituality Counselor.