Self Reflection

All of our famous luminaries are saying that we’re on the verge of a profound shift in consciousness. Marianne Williamson has been saying this for years. Here in Arizona, the Hopi have been warning us to “Let go of the shores”, as the proverbial river of human potential gains momentum.

It feels to me like a massive life force is gathering strength. It’s easy to imagine that those who try to cling to their old ways of coping will suffer the most. It means they’re resisting the flow of their spiritual river/path, forgetting their sense of purpose and belonging. I’ve talked to previously solid people whose old ways of handling their lives have ceased to work, to the point where some of them are in major crisis. Yet they’ve also had glimpses of a spiritual potential that they can’t quite put words to. And if they do talk about it, they fear that other people might look at them like they’re from another planet!

As with any paradigm shift, we must adjust, and it’s uncomfortable. I’m not alone in experiencing an inordinate amount of emotional upheaval. When I listen to clients, students and friends, I get a sense that my own spiritual transformation is not just a personal issue. As we talk honestly with one another about our struggle to find inner peace, we are participating in the evolution of humanity, life, and consciousness itself. I’m seeing this surge of emotions as spiritual labor pains, foretelling a birth of a new, expanded state of being. It’s possible that this next era is about a new kind of collaboration.

Praying, centering, and meditating helps, but only if it involves a letting go, a surrendering to something bigger. Whether you call this expanded reality the Holy Spirit, God, or Creation, this is a major test of our faith in the goodness of the universe. At the same time, this letting go into something larger somehow includes reaching out to other, more conscious, souls… both in the spirit world and with those in whom we trust on this plane. I think if we work together we can help one another to bring this deeper sense of flow, ease, and fullness of being into our daily lives…

The Occupy movement is an indicator that we now realize the dangers of a “Group Mind”. We no longer have to compromise our deeply held values, in order to survive in the world. Marianne Williamson’s main message tells us to be brave enough to follow our calling and go against the collective mindset.

My recent reflections have been focused on letting go of my shores, my utopian notions about community. So I have new questions: How can we gather wise men and women with the intention of collaborating, not competing. How can we support, not undermine; share, not hoard, listen, not manipulate? How do we honor our deepest selves, reach out to one another, and ultimately offer it all up for the good of humanity?

Catriona O’Curry is a consultant based in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Bob. They like to travel to Seattle, B.C. and Europe in the summers when Arizona becomes a furnace!