Selfynergy = Self-Synergy

Selfynergy = Self-Synergy…The map to InPax, or Inner Peace a.k.a. Youtopia.

The human soul is not a lone pearl, solitary and single. It is a jigsaw, a magic eye picture, a collection of different strands woven together to form the tapestry of our Selves. We all inherently comprehend this simple and basic idea.

Each strand (or Self) has its own different goals and ambitions, its own motives and politics, that separate it from the rest. The husband in you may long to give your wife unimaginable joy; the Mother in you might aspire to nurturing the greatest children the world has yet seen; the Son in you might aspire only to fulfill his potential and make his parents proud. The strands are different, but it is the same material.

In the same sense that the atoms are different, but they are part of the same object. The grains of sand are different, but it is the same beach. The beaches are all different, but it is the same land. The lands are all different, but it is the same planet. The planets are all different, but it is the same Galaxy. The Galaxies are all different, but it is the same Universe. And so on. We are different people, but the same Race.

As the most profound revelations of Universcience, or Quantum Mechanics seem to indicate, we are all different, but we are also all the same. We are different takes on the same argument. We are individually unique photocopies of the same secret. We are all different parts of the same jigsaw.

In order to locate that Inner Peace we all so long for, we must try to develop an awareness of Selfynergy, and thereby turn the phenomenon to our advantage.

When we conceive of ourselves as singular, i.e. “Christian”, “male”, or “conservative”, it becomes all too easy to find an opposing force to such a concept, and therefore develop nemeses that are not actually inimical to our selves and our goals. It also neglects the rich diversity of the human spirit, which means at the very least that a person must at least be categorized into: male/female, child/adult, spouse/single, parent/not parent, sibling/only child.

Each role mentioned is highly specific, bringing with it a set of rules and a set of responsibilities about which a person must make definite Life Choices.

To neglect one role, let us say for example one’s “daughter” Self, means that we might not spend sufficient time with our parents, or might forget the moral guidance they provided us and how much that governs our conscience. In neglecting one’s work role, perhaps we might not be dependable enough for our colleagues, or perhaps we are not gaining sufficient joy from the craft we have chosen. Perhaps therefore, we should change it.

The Path to InPax, to Inner Peace, lies in embracing our Selfynergy, and feeding all our collective Selves to empower them to succeed and achieve those things that will fulfill them. When we have achieved a state such that our desires are met, our hungers and appetites are sated, and we have a secure life that conforms to our individual and collective moral code, then we have found our own personal Youtopia, that place which religions and mythologies might call Heaven.

All my Love, and May You Go Your Way in Safety.

Published by Stephen Brocklehurst

Stephen "Talent" Brocklehurst is a Liberal, Selfist, Humanist, Democratic, Meritocratic, and Lifeaholic writer, actor, rapper, broker, philosopher, son, friend, and social escort based out of London, England.