Signs Our Bodies Give Us

An exaggerated sense of well-being…

Now you may be thinking, "What does she mean by an ’exaggerated’ sense of well-being? How can that be a sign our body is giving us of being unwell?”

You may think that I have totally lost it… I really haven’t!

My interest has always been in the therapies I practice. I did not get into nutrition because I found nutrition books to be boring – by page 30, I had had enough.

I would think to myself, "Every animal in nature knows how to eat right. Why do we have such a problem with nutrition?” One reason is that we are living increasingly busier lives and often do not take the time to cook from scratch. And nowadays very few people grow food in their gardens, such as strawberries, grapes or carrots, lettuce and kale.

Because of my experience with the goji berry, I chose to do more research and began to read more on various aspects of nutrition and diet; I found that a person will develop certain attitudes and mannerisms as a result of a supercharged internal activity in the body caused by a high-protein diet. This is inevitable when the body works to get rid of the damaging excess of acidity that is caused by either a high-protein diet and/or stress.

The experiences include a progression of symptoms, beginning with:

· the belief that they are perfectly well

· they are very ambitious and restless due to the irritation of the nerves

· they are high achievers, and have an exaggerated sense of well-being

It is nearly impossible to tell people that these are actually warning signs, but they are. Over time, these people will experience some or all of the following:

· Tiredness, as well as experiencing general aches and pains

· They cannot sleep restfully

· They become negative, argumentative and defensive

Interestingly, even when our diet is high in fruits and vegetables, we can still create an acidic state within our bodies by having an acidic outlook on life.

I studied JinShinDo® Acupressure and learned a lot about the Meridians. What I found out, was that the act of constant plotting , planning, and decision-making causes stress within the body and has a dramatic effect on the Gall-Bladder-Meridian. If this Meridian is unbalanced it affects the entire body. Our body will then run like a machine that’s has been set at too high of a speed. The nervous system and the endocrine system are then stuck in a constant ‘fight-or-flight’ state. This can also be caused by an injury that affects the GB-Meridian.

Nature only wants us to be in this state in emergency situations; such as encountering a cougar on a hiking trail. The constant adrenal exhaustion weakens our kidneys, the storage center of our our vital essence, Jing energy. Dr. Bob Martin, two years ago announced on his Sunday broadcast that Chronique fatigue and Fibromyalgia are the end-stage of adrenal exhaustion.

My own experience is congruent with this. In 1997, Dr. Wegener, in Berlin, tested the energy levels of my meridians. It turned out that I was below average in all of them. My daughter was totally surprised, knowing how active I have always been. After a treatment of lying on a pad that emitted the right electromagnetic frequencies, for only eight minutes, the results were noticeably improved.

So what can we do to prevent adrenal exhaustion? Reduce the amount of stress in our lives by learning to say "no” to that extra volunteer job. Slow down and enjoy preparing and eating meals. Eat as much raw food as possible to get life-energy into our diets, be in the sun, dance, play; be like children.

Anna Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner. She owns Energy All Around Therapies and she has clients in Canada, USA, Spain, and Germany. She can be reached at 250-756-2235 or via e-mail: to ask questions.