Signs Our Bodies Give Us

In past issues, I have written about corns, fallen arches, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, other skin conditions and other things to help the reader understand that these are signs that something is not right.

It amazed me how long it took me to realize that varicose veins might be a sign and caused by something totally different than what we assume. I have always had a varicose vein on the inside of my left knee and thought "No wonder, I always liked to stand on my left leg.”

Recently a friend of mine got her varicose veins removed. After that, I had a look at my vein and was surprised that it was not protruding anymore, only a bluish tinge was visible.

How could this have happened? My varicose vein was in the area of the kidney meridian. One of my kidneys is not perfect and is on the same side as the varicose vein was. It was at that point I remembered that the ancient Tibetan Healers preferred a specific fruit that they found built up their Jing energy, which assisted the body in healing itself in many areas.

Since i discovered what may have caused my varicose vein, I’m checking with every friend and client and have received confirmation. Varicose veins are in the area of a meridian that is related to back problems, stress, stomach issues, and/or the kidneys.

Also interesting is that friends observed that the dark circles under my eyes lessened. These dark circles and a variety of problems like incontinence, snoring, sleep apnea, hiatus hernia, and various female problems are, in my opinion, caused by a lack of this basic life energy.

At least that is what I observed with my clients and in my personal life. They disappear when our Jing is built up again.

One thing that concerns me is that I have read that some runners have problems with incontinence and marathon runners can experience blood in their urine a few days following a race. I wonder whether they know that they actually exhaust themselves to a degree that is too much for their kidneys.

I just took Level I/II and III of the Reconnective Healing in Los Angeles. I’m very excited that Dr. Eric Pearl mentioned this healing is based on the transfer of light, photons and information. This is why eating healthy, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is so important. The fresher and more "alive” (unprocessed) food is, the more sun it has absorbed, the more lifeforce it has, facilitating photon and information transfer for cell-to-cell communication. Then the body can heal itself.

In conclusion, I think all of us need to become more aware of our bodies and listen to what it is saying; meaning, when we have some ailment rather than simply accepting the traditional diagnosis, to go deeper and ask ourselves, "What else might this be about?” By connecting our heart and our mind, we can become more aware of what is "really going on” and thus proceed with making lifestyle, relationship, work, situational, recreational, financial and dietary changes to assist our body in its innate ability to heal itself.

Dr. Eric Pearl says, "God knows best what needs healing first – Body, Mind, Emotion or Spirit.”