Signs Our Body Gives Us

Headaches can have many causes but they all have a common denominator: a blockage or impediment of the Chi-flow. This can be in the head or sometimes the cause might be in a completely different area of the body. It is not always the tension in the muscles of the head, neck or shoulders which constricts the blood-vessels that supply oxygen to the nerve cells of the brain. Physical trauma or emotional trauma have an affect on the Chi(energy)-flow in the meridians which travel to our head. There can be also reasons which are organ related.

When headaches occur consistently in the same area of the head or are extremely severe, as in the case of migraines, one should consult a medical professional to find out whether there is a serious medical condition which is causing the headaches. Migraines can be caused by a blockage in the meridian which is affected by stress. Acupressure (finger-pressure) or acupuncture (needles) can be effective to reestablish the energy-flow.

The following are a few self-help ways for those who don’t like to take medication.

• Frontal headaches can be relieved by an acupressure point between thumb and index-finger. In the webbing, where both fingers meet you have to press towards the side of the index-finger. This point is not advisable for pregnant women.

• Morning headaches might be caused by a lack of water. Before taking a pain-killer drink two glasses of water (room temperature) and see what happens.

• Rubbing the ear-lobes for 5 minutes might also help.

Those of us that have the tendency to get cluster headaches might be able to avoid them by doing the following breathing exercise on a regular basis: Close your eyes, relax, take a few deep breaths. Then breathe in deeply and slowly through your left nostril keeping the right nostril closed. When you have held air for a few seconds, release your right nostril and breathe out through it. While you are breathing out, visualize all the tension and toxins being released from your brain. Just imagine every cell being a pussy-cat relaxing in the sun. Repeat with the other nostril.

Aromatherapy oils, Gingko Biloba and vitamin E help too. In my opinion it is important to first find out why the blood is not flowing properly. Goji, called the happy berry, seems to be often as beneficial as other ways to relieve headaches. Consegrity helps to find the deeper, true reason behind headaches.

Headaches and every other disorder within our bodies, manifests first as an energetic disturbance. When this disturbance is not addressed, more serious symptoms can develop. With regard to the head, we have to be especially careful because a blockage left untreated can eventually cause a stroke.

Recently, I learned in one of my advanced Consegrity seminars that 70% of all strokes have an energetic background. It reminded me of a client of mine who had a stroke. Every time he comes for a session I check his head, and every time there are blockages on the left side of his head. A Catscan or MRI would not be able to show these blockages of the energy flow, as they can only show changes in the tissue after the damage has been done to the cells.

Many therapies including yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, exercise, and the right nutrition such as Himalayan goji juice, help to reestablish the chi-flow in the body. Keeping this flow from stagnating is vital to our health and well being.

Anna-Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner. She owns Energy All Around Therapies and she has clients in Canada, USA, Spain and Germany. She can be reached at 250-756-2235 or via e-mail: