Signs Our Body Gives Us

Skin conditions such as Liver Spots – Pimples – Eczema – Rosaceae – Psoriasis…

The body is saying: You are too toxic!

Any skin condition, according to my observations and in my opinion, is the "desire” of the body to get rid of a toxic overload. Our body has several ways to eliminate toxins: through the kidneys, liver, large intestines (colon), lungs, and … the SKIN. Will a cream help you to get rid of these problems permanently? I do not believe so; because it is treating a symptom, rather than removing the toxins. When the symptom eases, it seems everything is okay; however, another symptom may show up elsewhere.

Heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, food-additives, medications, molds, pollution etc. are all toxins for our body. I was shocked by what I read about food-additives in the book "Natural Cures ’They’ Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. On pages 75-77 you can read about his opinions and conclusions regarding the food industry.

"There are 15,000 toxic chemicals that are allowed to be added to food without being listed on the label. Every year, the food industry puts a higher percentage of toxic chemicals in our food. These chemicals are produced in secret laboratories where the security is higher than Fort Knox!”

In addition to chemicals, our body is also affected by toxins from the colon. When we do not eliminate one to three times per day, the left over stool putrefies in our colon. Every time we are constipated, a thin layer remains on the colon wall. Over the years, one layer builds on top of another which causes our systems to become more and more toxic.

An example is pencil-like stool. As time goes on and the colon is no longer able to process food properly, we develop diarrhea… some believing at this point that things are now fine… ‘ eliminating so properly’. In actuality, this is a serious alarm signal. The toxic build up causes a lack of peristalsis and the stool just rushes through. The toxins from the putrefied stool eventually penetrate the intestinal wall and adversely affects us in many ways: one example being skin conditions.

Reflexology activates the colon. Infants have been helped through reflexology who had not had a bowel movement for five to nine days. Regular elimination is necessary for our bodies. It is NOT okay to have a BM only every other day.

Cases in point: When I suggested to a client the problem of Rosaceae is most likely a toxic colon, I received only a look of disbelief. One day the colon became totally blocked, and – oh wonder – after having surgery to remove the clogged part of the colon, the Rosaceae disappeared.

A 79 year old man, suffering from Psoriasis, experienced dramatic healing after a few weeks of drinking Himalayan Goji® Juice. The Psoriasis was totally gone and his skin became much healthier and younger-looking due to the normalizing and cleansing effects of the juice on the colon and tissues.

When problems occur, such as skin conditions, remember that this can be a symptom for deeper issues. Treating the symptoms alone can allow the deeper problems to continue and develop into serious health challenges. Toxins are in our environment everyday. To ensure our health, we must ensure we eliminate the toxins to keep our bodies in a state of optimum health.

Anna Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner. She owns Energy All Around Therapies and she has clients in Canada, USA, Spain, and Germany. She can be reached at 250-756-2235 or via e-mail: to ask questions or subscribe to her newsletter.