Signs Our Body Is Giving Us

Fallen Arches might be caused by back problems.

Probably this statement surprises you. Ten years ago I would have been surprised too. Why? Because we are reading and hearing all the time the following:

Foot Pain Help: Orthotics, Insoles and Arch Support for Walkers

When feet hurt, walkers seek relief. Getting the right shoes is a good place to start, but the answer to foot pain may be a step further – to insoles, arch supports, and orthotics. Consulting a foot health specialist can bring definitive diagnosis and treatment for your pain.

There are many causes of foot pain. It may be fallen arches, a degeneration of the foot because we are too heavy, wearing the wrong shoes, or perhaps the muscles and ligaments have deteriorated through injury or lack of use.

This is what I believed for most of my life until I attended a seminar in Germany entitled "Manuelle Neurotherapy”. There I learned that the fallen-arch-syndrome can be also caused by blockages in the lumbar-sacral area which then causes a lack of circulation of blood, Chi and lymph in the muscles of the legs.

Lymph is the clear fluid you see when you hurt yourself. It detoxifies, regenerates tissue etc. If lymph circulation stagnates, toxins accumulate and cellular functioning is compromised, opening the ways to physical ailments. Marks on the legs that resemble large freckles or age spots are always a sign of lymph-flow restriction and have to be taken very seriously. This is the reason I often combine Reflexology with Lymph Drainage.

Chi is the life energy which has to circulate harmoniously through our body. A blockage of the Chi flow means trouble of all kinds. In this case, it means lack of muscle tone and even atrophy of the leg muscles. The goal of every form of acupressure and acupuncture is to balance the Chi-flow.

A simple restriction of leg-muscle activity can cause the fallen-arch-syndrome. It can become a reciprocal action, first improper back posture, second fallen arches, leading to more deterioration and pain in the back, more pain in the feet and so on. Orthotics definitely help with the pain but do not address the root cause. The root cause might lie much deeper than simple back pain. It can be constipation. It can be a lack of standing up for our own needs and desires, extremely low energy levels or a number of other causes. Consegrity® is an excellent modality to address the root cause of any emotional, mental and physical health problem.

I believe there is often another solution other than orthotics. I offer as proof this experience.

My friend never removed his runners because of the pain in his back and feet. One day he said, "Have you heard about Myo-Therapy? I know somebody with the same problem and that helped him.” He got my attention right away! "Please get on the table”. After the second session of a combination of the therapies that I practice he took his shoes off… the pain was gone. He was delighted that I was able to relieve his pain so quickly.

Anna-Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner. She owns Energy All Around Therapies and has clients in Canada, USA, and Germany. She can be reached at 250-756-2235 or via e-mail: