So What Can I Do?

Get really honest with yourself and those closest to you. Ask, How do we want to live our lives? What do I want to look back on from my deathbed? How do I want to feel? Do I want to spend the rest of my life working to pay for little metal boxes on wheels that I drive to work to pay for the big, wooden box?

Here are some suggestions:

• Take personal responsibility for your world community!

• Write a list of your needs and wants. Do you really need a newer, larger house, truck, car, boat, plasma TV? Create strategies to reduce your need for material objects and other unnecessary forms of consumption.

• Grow your own food (start now!) – not enough time? Disconnect your cablevision and/or your TV.

• Learn how to cook with few ingredients using locally grown, in-season vegetables, like squash (google recipes).

• Drive and idle your car less and keep it longer.

• Have only one credit card, get rid of all points and air miles cards – they are a scam and make you spend more.

• Mainly buy food that nourishes your body – much less prepackaged, preserved or processed foods including cereal and bread.

• Read alternative books like Your Money or Your Life, Making a Living While Making a Difference, Voluntary Simplicity…and alternative media like, and Deconstructing Dinner.

• Develop close friendships with people who will support you; reduce your connection with people that are hell bent on "keeping up with the Jones’” and consuming "uber alles”.