Spirit Dancing

Spirit moves in everything. Whenever we stop and look at what is all around us, beyond the veils of our human perceptions, the edges of our separateness dissolve away revealing the wholeness of what is actually here. As we relax into the images and sounds and smells, allowing the experience to soak into our entire being, we can feel spirit dancing in a flower, a stream, or a bird in flight.

Each of us comes from spirit. However, during childhood, we shift from a vibrational-based experience in which we’re immersed in an uninterrupted flow of spirit to a material-based experience in which we view life as a series of static objects, people, and events fixed in form. We become so transfixed on the outer experience, that eventually, we come to believe life is happening outside of us.

Because our attention is so focussed on the external reality, we think of it as the source of our experience. But it isn’t. It’s merely a reflection of the vibrational state within us. The source of our outer experience is our inner experience.

Eventually, we no longer feel our inner experience because we’ve shut down our emotional awareness. Instead of feeling life on the inside, we conceptualize it on the outside. Since our inner awareness is perceptually disabled and our external circumstances keep changing, we‘re left with virtually no sense of direction. Without realizing that the cause of our dilemma is our inner condition, we spend our entire lives changing the outer circumstances or adjusting our interpretation of the external experience or sedating ourselves with various substances and distractions.

To experience life’s fullness and perfection, we need to reawaken to the vibrational essence moving through us. We do this by shifting our focus from our thoughts and activities, back into our bodies. As we sink into our body awareness, we notice ordinary sensations like tension, heat, pressure, tingling, etc. These sensations are the markers of the unintegrated emotional encounters in our lives. When we don’t consciously feel fear, sadness, or anger when they arise, we unconsciously feel them as physical symptoms later. We store away our emotions as a headache or a stiff neck. 

As we become aware of our body sensations, allowing them to be fully expressed without resistance, they start moving with an emotional resonance. Physical sensations that have been held in the body transform into the same emotions that were not consciously felt previously. As we flow with the feelings, we become aware of our inner experience.

Dropping deeper into our inner experience, we can feel the harmony of spirit dancing in form. Allowing this vibrational harmony to move into our awareness, we find ourselves relaxing into the mystery that is in everything. When we experience the oneness of what is actually here, we discover our own being expanding to embrace all of it, until we fully realize the mystery of who we are. 


Dr. Cam Dodds is a naturopathic physician practicing energy healing, bodywork, and personal growth and awareness counseling at Ocean Resort in Oyster Bay.