Spirit in Action

What if today was a day of fun and joy and being? What if I create the day of all days that is true to who I am and what I want to create out of my life? What if I invoke the power of being all that I can be? And not get stuck in a pit of despair? It takes effort to break free, but to live in the mire, is that not also an effort? Stop reading for a moment and take stock of you. How are you doing right now? What are you seeking?

You don’t have to deny your feelings any longer. Be them. Learn from them. Only by working with your energy and matching it to the clarity of your vision can you invoke the powerful action you seek. We live in an age of too much information and not enough transformation. Transformation comes from taking the information that makes sense to you and bringing it into every cell of your body, not just on a head level but on an energy and action level as well. Meditation facilitates this process. It is a tool to connect you with the greater source and the life you want to lead – a life of laughter, joy and purpose.

With meditation, you can get the right answer to what you seek. In your next meditation, imagine a heart in front of you and toss your question inside of it. As the heart and your question come together, you will see your answer. The way you structure your question is important. Ask active questions. For example, instead of saying, "Why isn’t my relationship working" reframe it to "What can I do to make my relationship better?" Or, instead of saying, "What is my purpose?" reframe it to "What must I do next to live on purpose?" Try it.

Think of your question.

– Get comfortable.

– Be in the center of your head.

– Transcend to your higher place.

– Root into the Earth.

– Run your energy… Silver blue for the Earth; Golden Pink for the Cosmos.

– Imagine a heart in front of you. In your mind clearly see your

question. Toss the question into your heart. Let the two energies meet. See

your answer and what you need to do next.

– Come back to this time and place.

– Touch the ground.

– Write down 2-3 things that you must do next. Hold your self accountable to follow through.

Cast away the doubt. In The Wind is My Mother, Bear Heart, a native American Shaman, tells of a man who came to him and told him that God had called him to be a preacher. Bear Heart affirmed that that was wonderful and asked when the man was going to start preaching. The man told him that is what he wanted to see Bear Heart about. He needed at least two years of seminary training and he had family commitments and was currently working at a service station barely making ends meet. Bear Heart told him, "Go back and tell the One who called you about all these problems. Maybe He didn’t know about them when He called you, so tell Him." Often we get the answers to our

questions but then discount them as we do not know how to make them a reality. The answer is always there. Never underestimate the power of doing 2-3 things in the direction of where you want to go.

As you go along, ask What if? What if today is my day? To do what I see fit? What if today is a way to express and experience myself.in this life, in this world? What if I am divinely guided and protected? This opens you up to possibilities. How will you express yourself? In joy or despair? In laughter and love or sorrow and hate? Express your truth and know that is enough. Do not hold onto the residue of other people’s anger, judgment or expectations of how you must act. Let them look into the mirror of their own making. And if they refuse to see what is in the mirror, so be it. Look into your own. What do you see? What are you creating? Your mirror is a mirror but also a crystal ball telling you of your future. Who you are will lead you down the path.

Dance to the beat of your own drummer. That’s right, dance. It does not have to be a march, a crawl, a grind. Life is what you make it and Life is giving the call. Do you hear the horns blowing? The call to action? Will you rise to the challenge? Move on the vision of your life, fueled by your passion and connection to the Universe. Succeed in your heroic mission.

Kathy Bishop is a writer, speaker and life & business consultant through her

company: Kathy Bishop & Associates. Now selling – her book: Vision,

Passion, Powerful Action. The World.. On Your Terms.  kbishop@shaw.ca