Spiritual Springtime

The earth is once again repeating the timeless tradition of rolling up her winter carpet, and unfurling her banner of spring.

The air is filled with the anticipation of new beginnings. Tulips and daffodils push up through the rain soaked ground to greet the morning light. Buds, everywhere, burst into colourful splendor. Flocks of Canada geese fill the sky in their majestic northward


Just as nature awakens to the signs of spring, humanity is awakening to the signs of the Spiritual Springtime. The Spiritual Springtime is the dawn of consciousness within us. It is a time of awakening to a new awareness and sense of purpose.

We live in two parallel worlds simultaneously: an outer, physical world of form, which we know through our senses and our intellect; and an inner world, invisible and formless,

in which we experience insights and awareness that give meaning to our lives.

The invisible world is the Source where everything comes from. The Source is like an ocean of light where everything exists in a state of potential.

The parallel worlds are interconnected. The invisible world flows, unrestricted, through the physical world. There is no separation between thought and action, between being and doing.

The two worlds are composed of energy. Energy is continuously flowing in a never ending cycle of regeneration. Energy from the invisible world is transformed from a state of potential into the miracle of form. Every snowflake is an expression of flawless handiwork; every acorn contains an entire tree; every grain of sand is a complete universe. Once it’s purpose is fulfilled, the same energy is transformed back into formlessness, and the eternal

cycle begins again.

In the Spiritual Springtime, we experience formlessness as conscious awareness. This awareness comes into being through our connection with the Source. When we connect with the Source, we become conscious of the remarkable symmetry of the parallel worlds.

The invisible world manifests its mysterious presence through signs. Signs are close encounters with the Source, often referred to as coincidences, or synchronicity.

The manifestation of signs is a phenomenon referred to, by Carl Jung, as the "acausal connecting principleā€, whereby two events occur simultaneously with neither event being the cause of the other. With signs, both events arise from the invisible dimension and then spontaneously emerge, at the same moment, into the world of form.

Some of the main characters that play their parts in signs are people, nature, weather patterns, as well as water, light, and sound. Signs can occur in dreams or in visions, in moments of joy or sorrow, in stillness or on a crowded street at rush hour. They always appear at the perfect moment, in the perfect manner.

We pass someone on the street who reminds us of a teacher we once had in high school; a car pulls out of a parking space just as we drive up; a caller on a radio talk show mentions an idea that offers an unexpected solution to our business dilemma; a rainbow appears while we’re contemplating a life change during an afternoon walk.

Signs can be easily missed if we’re not paying attention. The key to recognizing signs is to accept life just as it is, with patience and gratitude. Accepting what is, without judgement or expectation, creates an inner space of receptivity helpful for noticing signs.

This inner space is the seat of consciousness in which we experience the stillness and radiance of the Source. Through our awareness, we are able to connect with what is at this moment. The potential of this moment is infinite, encompassing the patterns and textures of both the invisible and physical dimensions simultaneously. The incredible perfection of life is right here, alive within us and all around us.

Being present takes practice because we tend to resist what is. All too often, our thoughts are focussed on what happened in the past or what could happen in the future, the contents of an ongoing internal analysis. By letting go of our judgements of the past and our expectations of the future, and connecting with the presence of stillness, the stresses of daily life give way to a profound sense of joy and fulfillment.

In the parallel worlds, whatever we focus our awareness on becomes our reality. We receive back from life that which is already within us. If we focus on our disappointments from the past, disappointments are reflected back to us. When we experience the presence

of inner peace, life becomes a manifestation of peacefulness.

In the Spiritual Springtime, as nature shares her outpourings of new growth, we awaken to the magic of being. This is the dawn of understanding as the light of awareness rises on the horizon. Gentle breezes scatter the fragrances of peace and tranquility. Life is full of grace.

Every moment is an opportunity to honour the eternal cycle of creation, to connect with the invisible Source, to explore the oneness of the parallel worlds, and to follow the signs that guide our way.

Dr. Cam Dodds is a naturopathic physician practicing classical homeopathy and personal growth and awareness counseling in Nanaimo.