Step into Vision

Take one big giant step right out of your comfort zone and into a new idea. You will know you are there when you feel nervous, out of sorts, emotional and/or ready to run and hide. At least that is how I feel when I endeavour to take on a new project, especially one outside the realm of anything I have done before.

Why bother? Because growth and change is inevitable! I decided some time ago that I may as well be in the driver’s seat than in the caboose of another’s idea. Most of us spend our daily life accepting the thoughts and ideas of the world around us. It is safe here, like in the back of a horse drawn carriage, out of sight of the obstacles ahead, bumping along on a road with no particular destination in mind. Taking hold of the reigns opens the door to all kinds of possible trepidations such as learning the skill of directing the horses and the responsibility for the outcome. When an obstacle is presented to the driver, they are forced to think and make a decision. What if we are the driver and we make the wrong choice?

What the nervous shakes are all about is fear: fear of the unknown — a stopper for most people. Fear can clutch at the heart of anything new. Fear has been known to paralyze or turn loving people to anger and rage. Often fear is projected outside of ourselves, on to the lives of others, usually loved ones. I call this safe rage because loved ones are the most likely to forgive and forget.

On September 11th many people celebrated Peace and Non-Violence. But if we are to experience World Peace, the celebration must continue past this date. A vision of World Peace means crossing bridges, maybe for the first time, into another’s world, beliefs and culture – and being present with their differences. It means stepping into the fear of the unknown… owning it, feeling it.

This doesn’t mean we have to accept their ideas or adopt them as our own, but if we desire to communicate and share in peace, we can develop an ear, a listening from the heart. An honouring of our differences can only come when we, as individuals, agree to disagree. When we decide to see unity in diversity and when we begin this within our own family and in our own neighbourhood, then we have done our part in effecting World Peace.

This is my vision and although I shake in the fear of the unknown, I’m okay with that. My question is this: What is your vision and what are you DOING about it? Take a look at the fear, stare it straight in the face and DO IT ANYWAY!

What I know is no one has ever applauded those who hide in the sidelines, who turn and walk away. Appreciation overflows for those who are willing to risk rejection, ridicule, and abuse to do it anyway: Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, and even Erin Brockovich. We stand and applaud them for their courage in making a difference in our world.

I invite you to join their ranks. They are no different than you or I. They have learned to feel the fear and do it anyway. Pull up your socks, pull back your shoulders, lift your chin high and step into your vision. The more you take hold of the reigns of your life, the better you will become at self-navigation. I promise you, the Universe shows up to support you on your journey all the way.