Stop Manifesting!

Many people come into the idea of law of attraction and manifesting, and begin to consciously TRY to manifest things. The idea of manifesting, an innate and inevitable outcome of being focused in physical reality, is handed over to the conscious mind – the ever eager doer. You squint your eyes, you try to focus really hard, you tense up your shoulders, as though you were now going to squeeze out the things you desire to experience through this sense of strained and effortful focus.

  What you’ve done naturally and effortlessly, what you’ve done automatically and organically all your life, gets turned into something mechanical. You fall under the false impression that you now apparently have to manually turn the wheels of your life. It begins to feel like effort. It begins to feel like struggle. It begins to feel like working too hard at something and getting only sparks and splutters. It begins to feel like something that just doesn’t work. “Ah, this manifesting stuff doesn’t work for me!” Or you’ll say “this mind power stuff just isn’t real.”

  You know even then you’re still manifesting? Even if you sit with your arms crossed refusing to manifest, you’re still manifesting moments. Experiences will pop up. Situations will pop up. People will appear in your experience just when you need them to. People will not respond to you even when you really want them to. Your body will do X, Y and Z. The creativity of life continues to flow whether or not you are consciously trying to manifest things. Your manifesting power just isn’t something you can switch on and off. 

“Every intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not.” – Gary Zukav 

  If you look at the natural world, you’ll notice there is an effortless flow to everything – an ebb and flow, a cycle that carries on like clockwork. Manifesting is set to the same rhythm. Like breathing, like the flow of water, like the seasons of the year, like the precise movement of the earth and planets, manifesting has its own built-in way of unfolding in your personal reality. It always has, and it always will be this way for what you are, by design, is a molder of energy patterns, a channel of universal power and creativity.

  If it feels like you’re trying, making effort, and having to pull the grass out of the ground all on your own, then you’re forgetting something. You’re forgetting that you have always been a Master Manifestor. You have always been a powerful being. You never had to try to manifest your body, it just appeared. You never had to try to manifest anything before you came into the information about “creating your reality”. The information on manifesting has been too focused on “how to manifest” when this is something you’ve always done naturally, organically. You’re naturally, by your mere observation of and participation in this physical platform, manifesting.

  The part where you can engage your conscious mind usefully is in the letting go process. The conscious mind, the surface layer of your consciousness, is an expert at hanging on to things, at attaching, at grasping, at identifying and clinging. The conscious mind is a great master of the attachment and aversion game. Where it needs a little nudging toward is in the art of letting go, releasing resistance, remaining open and trusting of the natural process of creation that has been unfolding for billions of years. Stop trying to manifest things. The very feeling of trying is a manifestation of resistance. You don’t have to try to breathe. You just do it. You don’t have to try to blink, you just do it. You’ve always just done this whole “manifesting” thing easily and effortlessly.

  So now relax. Watch where you’re focused and how you’re focused. Direct your mind instead of having it direct you. Pay attention to your internal stories. Identify what you want and then let go of all the extra mental noise. Trust more. Bask more. Appreciate more. Fall in love with your world more. Know that what you’ve asked for is already yours a little more. And definitely let go more! You do this not to manifest anything but to let go of your resistance to the natural manifesting process. 

“Sitting silently in meditation, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.’’ – Osho 

  There is a natural organic flow to your world, your reality. There is an order, a precise unfolding of events, circumstances and connections all based on what you have chosen to experience. It is much less about manifesting this flow, and much more about simply allowing it.


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