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Climate Change and Our Gardens

As passionate gardeners, we keep wondering how the changing climate is affecting our gardens. We therefore noticed when the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) updated its plant hardiness... 

Exemplary Food Activists

This article is inspired from speaking to a high school class recently about the impact of our food choices. Seeing more of any of the following three people is well worth a visit... 

ShawTV Interview: Lantzville Couple Ordered to Stop Farming

Here is a 5 minute interview with ShawTV with regard to the District of Lantzville shutting down our vegetable growing….  

Farmers’ Market Q & A

Q: Why shop at farmers’ markets?  A: Only decades ago, 90% of Canadians were involved in agriculture, now it is less than 4%. Farmers’ markets reconnect people to farmers and farming,... 

Synergy Magazine, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada