Overcoming Loneliness

As a single person, I am aware that many singles (not to mention far too many married folk) feel especially lonely at this time of the year. Perhaps it is the long nights. Perhaps it is the realization that another Valentine’s Day will come and go without “the right one” on their arm.   Mother Teresa […]

Looking Back to Move Forward

Humans are very social beings. For thousands of years they have lived cooperatively in groups. Granted, part of this behaviour was simply for survival; but it is also very natural for humans to live interdependently. Before the industrial revolution, before the advent of the automobile and flying, people travelled and migrated much less than they […]

Spiritual Community

“Listen! I will tell you the fundamental cause of salvation. Satsang, association with the wise is the root cause of obliterating all suffering.” – the sage, Dattatreya.   Satsang – meaning, being in the company of the wise – is a gathering together of people for the sake of experiencing their own truth and moving […]

I dream of a community…

Where First Nations people are included as equals and supported in contributing to everyone’s well being; Where schools work to teach everyone, not just aboriginal students, to understand and respect native culture; Where native children learn about their people’s history and practices alongside their non-native classmates instead of in segregated programs; Where learning about native […]

Open Money

(Please note: this manifesto is from www.openmoney.org – I, Nicole Shaw, am reposting it here for Synergy readers!) The problems with money stem entirely from how conventional money is normally issued – it is created by central banks in limited supply. There are three things we know about this money. We know what it does […]