There’s Something Seriously Going On…

Wake up Vancouver Island! There’s some fresh coffee a’brewin and a wickedly good brioche with your name on it. Seriously! No, your mother hasn’t moved back in with you overnight, but perhaps even better, there’s a new place in the neighbourhood where you could both start your day…with some pretty Serious Coffee, and crumbly little […]

Tour of the Seaons with a Naturalist

The mild climate in Oceanside provides year round access to nature hiking, wildlife viewing and bird watching in much of Vancouver Island’s wilderness. Subtleties mark your passage from the months of the leaping salmon, vibrant moss, herring spawning, singing frogs, brant geese, blazing flowers, alligator lizards, berries and back again. There’s plenty to do and […]

Dance with Me

Come on, admit it – when Richard Gere started to dance with Jennifer Lopez in their recent movie, "Shall We Dance?”, didn’t you just want to be them? Didn’t the music and the sensuality and the fun and the intensity, call out to you to join them? Didn’t you long to swirl around a room, […]