Perfection Isn’t Perfect

Recently I had an unsuccessful run at becoming a city councillor. While those who know me applauded my willingness to bring a new perspective to city hall, a combination of several factors prevented a successful outcome.   The more obvious reasons certainly included a lack of funds, our lack of preparation for  the sudden election, […]

Overcoming Loneliness

As a single person, I am aware that many singles (not to mention far too many married folk) feel especially lonely at this time of the year. Perhaps it is the long nights. Perhaps it is the realization that another Valentine’s Day will come and go without “the right one” on their arm.   Mother Teresa […]


What attracts us to each other? There are, of course, a variety of ways we feel drawn to other human beings, pets, events, causes, etc., ranging from the fun to the serious: mutual interests or concerns, humour, insights, romance, and many other elements draw us to one another.   Sometimes we are attracted in more […]