My Dream Home

I woke up in my dream home this morning. Each day it just keeps getting better, this place where I live. I have grown through three dozen residences in the last thirty years since I showed up on the west coast of Canada. At twenty-one, I journeyed across from Ontario, by train and thumb, coincidentally […]

What’s In It For Me?

The phone rings again for about the tenth time in as many minutes.” Hello Crisis Line”, – dead silence. "Hello, Crisis Line”. I hear a very faint sobbing sound. "You’ve reached the Crisis Line and I’m here for you. Take your time”, I say in a soft and slow voice. This call, like many others […]

Grieving and Giving

My son Colin died this year on the last day of March. Actually, Colin was my stepson, but I had been in his life since he was 11. He was my son. Colin had been very ill; in the hospital since mid-February. He had an infection around his heart, and apparently his heart suddenly gave […]