Family Ties that Bind and Bind

There is a lot of pressure on individuals, especially around holidays, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, to be part of a perfectly functional, cohesive family unit. The truth is that siblings, spouses and extended family members are rarely all getting along with each other. Instead, there is a pervasive dissonance or […]

The Secret to Great Sex

The secret to great sex is not a pill, or a toy, or another partner. The secret to great sex is to "make love” more often with our partner. Making love involves much more than just sex. It includes all the other good love stuff like being kind to each other, listening with a caring […]

Vitamin "L"

I could never have imagined the day when an internationally recognized scientist and award-winning author would say the following: "LOVE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN NUTRITION”. Of course, there is a specific context to this statement, but as we approach St.Valentine’s Day, it seems an appropriate message to share. I heard that statement a couple of […]