Gift Giving

We trust you had a happy Christmas and a merry New Year and enjoyed all the rest of the good things the yuletide season delivers us. We’re assuming, check that, we’re knowing that our festive season was, well, festive. (Due to the logistics of publishing, we are writing this halfway through December.) Be that as […]

Humanity Man: Time

Time. Is there anything more mysterious or paradoxical in our lives than time? Time is both friend and foe. It is loved and despised. It’s yours and it’s mine. Time will leave the party way to early during happy times and overstay it’s welcome during unpleasant ones. Time will pull us from our warm, comfy […]

Humanity Man – Taking Stock

Nice to see you again, my fellow zombie. I hope all is well with you.   What’s your favourite time of year to sit back and take stock of your life? I know everyone feels the tug at different times. For some of us, it’s New Year’s, the first day of a brand new year. […]