Stop Manifesting!

Many people come into the idea of law of attraction and manifesting, and begin to consciously TRY to manifest things. The idea of manifesting, an innate and inevitable outcome of being focused in physical reality, is handed over to the conscious mind – the ever eager doer. You squint your eyes, you try to focus […]

Goals versus Intentions

Recently a friend, who is also a yoga teacher in training and mid-stream in cancer treatment, shared her intentions with me. A few days later she remarked that since the road to hell is paved with them, maybe intentions should be replaced with goals.   Goals are all about the future. They guide us to […]

Radio – Heart and Mind: Tools for Change

This weekly radio talk show was aired on CHLY 101.7 Radio Malaspina. In the following recordings, your hosts, Nicole Shaw and Dirk Becker, explore topics that provoke, prod and encourage.    In a society that has become increasingly individualistic and heavily dependent upon “mind”, this show encourages listeners to access their “hearts” in order to […]